Things to Consider in Buying a Safe Motorcycle Helmet


Wearing and investing the proper safety gear when it comes to motorcycle riding can significantly decrease your odds from suffering a brain injury in the event of a motorcycle accident. Considering that the majority of some fatal accidents involving motorcyclists are because of irreparable brain damage, it is pretty obvious why wearing a certified helmet that actually fits is the most important thing that you can do to keep yourself safe from any motorcycle accident. Other safety gears that you can invest are leather jackets, gloves, boots, leather pants, and more. These can help you avoid some suffering from painful abrasions known as road rash. The following are some basic tips when it comes to selecting the best helmet that every rider should know:

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More facilities around the country actually put these helmets through a battery of tests to see which brands of helmets would hold up during an accident. Among the most critical tests that they run is the drop test to see if the helmet can really protect the skull after a major impact. The Department of Transportation utilizes these findings to know which helmets will actually be certified as safe based on their standards. While the helmets that are not DOT certified are still available for purchase on the market, it is your best interest to avoid them to make sure you are ultimately safe.

Helmet retention is needed in keeping a rider safe during an accident. Retention refers to the ability of the helmets to remain fixed on your head at any given instance. If a helmet comes off when you are in an accident, it will not actually serve its purpose. You can check a helmet's retention ability by securing the chin strap and trying to roll the helmet off you head. If it comes off easily, then you will have an idea that it will not stay on during an accident. Keep looking for a helmet that will pass this test.

Sizing and comfort are two other factors that should be considered when buying a helmet. A well-fitted helmet will snugly surround your head, jaw, and cheekbones without squeezing too tightly. You must keep in mind that each manufacturer's helmet will fit differently, so if the helmet that you first tried doesn't fit, do not be discouraged and keep searching. A properly fitting helmet is the key to the retention during an accident. If a helmet is too tight or very uncomfortable, you are less likely use it every time you ride. It is better to take extra time and effort in selecting a helmet that fit you when you are shopping around than buying one that you won't actually use, won't you? You can learn more about sizing and comfort when it comes to motorcycle helmet when you visit their website.

It is in your best interest to take the time in trying on multiple helmets to find a snugly fitted DOT certified full-face and the best motorcycle helmet that is the perfect for you. Wearing the helmet is by far the easiest thing you can do to keep you safe while riding your motorcycle. Since motorcyclists are vulnerable in an accident, it is very important to take extra steps to protect yourself.

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