Things to see in Bali for Honeymoon Couples

18th Apr 2015

Along with experimenting with the venue for weddings, people have now started searching for exotic locations for honeymoons as well. They plan the tour somewhere away from the maddening crowd to enjoy quality time together without the hustle-bustle of city life. One of such famous honeymoon destinations these days is Bali, in Indonesia. This place is considered to be a paradise for the honeymooners with delicious local foods and romantic beaches.

A honeymoon should be spent somewhere peaceful and picturesque. After all, the couple needs to unwind after the hectic wedding and reception schedules. Hence, Bali, being one of the most naturally beautiful places, is one of the great choices for all would-be honeymooners. Indonesia is known for the tranquil beaches and the stunning island sceneries. And this is what people seek for in a perfect honeymoon experience. Also, Bali doesn’t have a rainy season for that matter and hence, it can be a perfect getaway for summers as well. So, in case you are planning your wedding in June this year, and you do not have any idea about where to spend a few days in absolute comfort, you can think about Bali.

Best Places to Visit in Bali

Once you have already decided upon spending your honeymoon in Bali, you need to create your itinerary in a way that you can visit the below mentioned places to enjoy the best of Bali. These sites are very popular among the tourists and some of them are also not that developed. Hence, you might be able to enjoy some natural, untouched beauties of the place.

·         Ubud

If you want to spend some time with your beloved in peace, then you should bask into the pretty and cultural beauty of Ubud. You can visit few Hindi temples there along with some museums and the palace of the royal family of Bali featuring the architectural and historical significance to the place. You can also buy tickets for dance and music shows which keep on happening all the time, followed by a delicious dinner date with your spouse enjoying the local dishes.

·         Seminyak

This place is all about luxury! This was once just a quiet backwater village and now has become one of the most preferred Hollywood destinations and love of the rich tourists. Undoubtedly the prices are quite high from the rest of the island but still cheaper from anything you can or may have spent on a luxury stay abroad. You will also find a number of top-notch restaurants which offers the best of world cuisine, some lavish boutique shops selling several brands and relaxing spas and health care centers where you can enjoy some soothing Balinese massages.

·         Nusa Lembongan

This is one lesser developed island off from the mainland Bali. Very little changes have been done to this place for the tourists and hence, this is a perfect place for spending some time with each other by the seashore without the hullabaloo of vendors and hawkers. With powdery white sand beach and aquamarine sea water, you can enjoy spending some time swimming, snorkeling and surfing.

Delectable Local Delicacies in Bali

If you think that food in Bali is all about Rice and Suckling Pigs then you are sadly mistaken! Balinese food is more than that. Even if you are not a huge fan of rice, do not worry, as you will get numerous other options there, all thanks to the expatriates! There are a number of restaurants available where you will find world-class international cuisines. However, in case you want to enjoy some local Balinese delicacies, you will never get bored of options either.

To experience the best of Bali delicacies, you need to try out the street food vendors. They will make a dish on the spot and these restaurants on the wheel are some of the greatest attractions for the tourists visiting Bali. There are little food joints available as well, which are known as “Warungs”, and you can relish some delicacies there as well. Being at Bali if you do not taste food from these Warungs, your trip will be incomplete. Even if you are not fond of Balinese food, trying out one dish or two is worth it!

So, if you are really interested in soaking in the sun of the beautiful white sand beaches of Bali, find out some reputed holiday managers or wedding planners who are professionals in dealing with all honeymoon needs of couples from around the world. A visit to Bali will surely make your honeymoon really a memorable one and the picturesque panorama of the place will remain in your heart forever.

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