Things to Sight in Pahang Rainforests, Malaysia

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Pahang is well poised as the natural repository of rainforest in Peninsular Malaysia, there are a plethora of gazetted rainforest reserves and parks. These locations deliver a glimpse of Malaysia's rich and extraordinary flora and fauna to visitors - truly a sight to behold!

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Endau Rompin: This is draped in dense jungle, waterfalls, rich flora and fauna. One of the last remaining lowland dipterocarp forests in the world, the park straddles the Pahang - Johor border and houses many nearly-extinct Sumatran rhinoceros, tigers, elephants and etc.

Gunung Senyum Recreational Forest: It is located in Temerloh, Pahang. This name comes from the Malay word for 'smile'. Its primary attraction is the multitude of caves found within the forest. Chief among them is the Gunung Senyum cave which is actually a hill with more than 20 caverns. Another popular one is the Jebak Puyuh cave, which has about seven caves. The caves are not just famous among tourists, but also with archaeologists due to its ancient fossils and a tomb have been found here.

Kenong Rimba: This is a preserved forest area that is located just southwest of Taman Negara. This scenic valley is rich in unique tree specimens, wildlife and even mythical folklore. Dense within the park are some magnificent limestone caves to discover, including the famous Gua Batu Tinggi, which resembles a dugout boat.

Gunung Tapis Park: The Park is a well-known spot for camping. Tourists can also shoot the rapids at the rivers, immersed in the hot springs

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