This Cabbie In Delhi Feeds Guru Ka Langar To His Customers!


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Photo of This Cabbie In Delhi Feeds Guru Ka Langar To His Customers! by Neha Bhise Sadalge

You might have heard of people complaining about the rising number of issues they face with cab drivers every day. However, the 35-year-old Goldie Singh from Delhi isn’t your average cab driver. More popularly known as the Golden Hearted Singh, Goldie is an Ola/Uber cab driver who is known for distributing blessings in the form of Gurudwara ka langar to anyone who used his cab services.

Beginning his day early in the morning, he drives his cab for 12 hours a day and is also an avid YouTuber. While waiting on his customers to book a cab, he makes YouTube videos on a wide range of issues. Helping people in the service industry like  drivers or food delivery boys, he provides them with technical advice and everyday hacks to reduce their costs. His motivational videos start with a positive note and are filled with good humour and lots of joy.

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Photo of New Delhi, Delhi, India by Neha Bhise Sadalge

Delivering his videos in Hindi, Punjabi and English, he has been gathering thousands of followers from across the world. He began his YouTube journey in 2018 when cab drivers were expressing a lot of discontent over payment issues. When the discontentment turned into a full-fledged strike, he decided to educate those aspiring to become cab drivers about the advantages and pitfalls of getting into this line. Looking at his positive mindset, his brother inspired him to start his own YouTube channel. His first video itself soon gained more than 3.5 lakh views.

Having studied till the tenth grade, he began working as an electrical technician. However, after facing a serious accident a few years back, he had to stop his work and soon bought a second-hand vehicle to work as a cab driver. Realising that he had to put in long hours of work every day, he began offering free services like serving water, tea, snacks and coffee along with sweets for children.

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Photo of This Cabbie In Delhi Feeds Guru Ka Langar To His Customers! by Neha Bhise Sadalge

Inspired by the Sikh practice of Dasvandh, that urges followers to spend 10% of their earnings on the welfare of the society, he decided to spend it on his passengers with whom he spends a maximum of his time with. Offering a brightly coloured menu, he lists out all items that he can offer to his passengers.

So next time you are returning home after a long day of work, hope to run into this good Samaritan who offers everything that you need with a warm smiling face!

You can check his YouTube journey here!

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