Tips for Men: How to Shave Properly Without Damaging Your Skin


It is not just the women who want to keep their skin smooth, clean and flawless; men also have similar thoughts. They want to appear pleasing and presentable in their daily life. For this reason, men always shave their facial hair once it gets rough and increases in amount. However, not all men know what to do with their facial hair especially the boys who have reached their puberty. Shave your face and neck properly. Here are some tips for beginners.

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1. Wet your beard

Before you start shaving your beard make sure that is thoroughly wet. The water can soften your facial hair and helps you to do close shave without having irritation or razor burn along the process. Wetting your beard can increase its moisture for up to 40 percent. Thus, it will weaken your coarse hair and make shaving much easier. Always avoid shaving your facial hair with dry skin. It will only lead to razor burn and rash since the skin is rougher.

2. Pick out the right tools

There are two types of razor - the straight razor and safety razor. Straight razors are difficult to manage particularly for beginners. It has a sharp straight blade that can immediately cut your skin if you have no skills in using this type of razor. On the other hand, safety razors are easier to control. They resemble the disposable razors most people prefer to buy. Hence, you can prevent cutting your skin with this tool compared to straight razors. Both types of blades are good for shaving; it is up to your preference on which is much comfortable to use.

Now, once you picked out the type of razor you want, the next step you have to do is find for the best brand of razors. It is preferable to use brands with excellent recommendations and product reviews. You can go to websites like Shaving Smooth.

3. Use a shaving cream

Shaving cream contains a high concentration of lubricants and moisturizers that can soften your facial hair. Aside from your razor, it is also one of the most important things you must not forget while shaving. Shaving creams produce a thick creamy lather that will help your blade to glide over your skin without creating burns. You must be careful in choosing shaving creams. The best shaving cream does not create too much foam. Instead, it has more lather. Too much foaming of the cream indicates that it is not a good product.

4. Use a shaving brush

Some men ignore the use of shaving brush when they shave. The shaving brush is helpful in shaving facial hair. When you go to barbershops, you can observe that barbers use a shaving brush to their customers. The purpose of this tool is to raise your facial hair and remove the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin. This tool reduces your chances of having blemishes and razor bumps.

Shaving Smooth is an informative website that helps all men to have safe shaving. If you wish to learn more on these blades, here's the lowdown on straight razors vs safety razors.

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