Top 4 Benefits of Two-Wheeler Insurance Renewal

Photo of Top 4 Benefits of Two-Wheeler Insurance Renewal 1/1 by Vaidehi Shukla

If you love zooming around the streets on your bike, then a good two-wheeler insurance is a must for you as it tackles those odds that come in your way. Two-wheeler insurance basically provides cover for the loss or damage caused to the vehicle due to several reasons. It’s a financial safety net for your prized possession. Besides, timely renewal of motor bike insurance is also important as it benefits you in several ways. Some of the benefits of motorbike insurance renewal are mentioned below –

1- Protection against natural perils: Renewing your motorbike insurance on time ensures protection against several natural disasters such as cyclone, earthquake, fire, explosion, flood, storm, and many more.

2- It provides protection against man-made threats: Incidents like strikes, theft, burglary, accidents, and many more man-made calamities can either lead to damage or loss of bike. Thus, an active insurance ensures that your financial liabilities are limited as it pays a sum assured in case of the loss or damage of vehicle and covers the cost of repairs and replacements.

3- Protection of your legal interest: One should be aware of this thing that third party insurance is mandatory. Thus, the policy should cover liabilities that arise out of injury/damage to a third-party property. Motor bike insurance renewal ensures that your responsibilities as a bike owner are fulfilled. The cover provides financial assistance in case of an unfortunate incident.

4- You get access to perks and discounts: Timely insurance of two-wheeler ensures that you remain eligible for discounts like No-claim bonus. But, if it’s not done on time, it can lead to seizure of perks and discounts.

5- It assures you a sense of security: This is one of the most important factors of two-wheeler insurance. You get a sense of security to ride your bike comfortably. Also, it saves you from fines that are imposed by enforcement agencies like traffic police for not carrying a valid insurance.

Besides, if you want to buy/renew motor-bike insurance for your hero cycle, then opt for ICICI Lombard’s Hero two-wheeler insurance renewal; it offers great benefits for your hero motorcycle.

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