TOP 5 bridge hotels 2017

Photo of TOP 5 bridge hotels 2017 by Victoria Applebaum

Traumerei #8, Kufstein, Austria

This hotel, being the oldest establishment in the Kufstein with over than 600-year history represents an example of style and preserveness of the history. After renovation all 34 rooms of the hotel have unique design that distinguishes it against other hotels and the other rooms of the hotel! Every room has individual design styled by the best interior designers in Europe. The most interesting room, suitable for couples is located in a small bridge between the hotel and a michelin-level restaurant Auracher Lochl. Bruckenzimmer (the room in the bridge) is equipped with large jacuzzi in the middle of the room with mirror ceiling to add more spiciness in the couple’s stay. Another point that makes this bridge room special - the private restaurant for 2 guests that serves luxury 5-course dinner from the best cooks in the city.

Hotel Magic Mountain Hotel, province of Valdivia, Chile.

Photo of Kufstein, Österreich by Victoria Applebaum

This hotel is located in a park-preserve, surrounded by lakes and forests. In order not to violate the delightful picture of nature, the hotel was built in the form of a mountain. The hotel is like a dwelling of fairy gnomes, all overgrown with plants, and from the top of the "mountain" a waterfall flows. To get inside the hotel, you need to pass on the suspension bridge. Inside are full rooms with all amenities. The hotel is small, only 13 rooms and each has the name of a bird that lives in the reserve. On site, there is also mini golf, a restaurant, a bar, and a sauna. In the open air there are hot baths made of tree trunks, with natural heating.

Hotel "Venetian", Las Vegas, US

Photo of Valdivia, Chile by Victoria Applebaum

What is Venice? These are channels. Here and in the hotel "Venetian" there are channels on which to ride on gondola tourists!

The 5-star Venetian casino hotel is located on the main street of Las Vegas. Crossing the threshold of the hotel guests get to a small Venice. On site you can see small copies of Venice's attractions. The Magnificent Palace of the Rain, the Grand Canal, the Cathedral of St. Mark, bridges over the water canals and other architectural masterpieces will surround guests during the rest. There are walks in the gondolas on a narrow river, bright carnivals and other entertainment. The hotel itself is located in two towers.

Treehouse Lodge, Yucuruche, Peru

Sleeping to the sound of rain and singing birds in the Amazon jungle is a real dream. Guests literally live on trees - all bungalows are hidden in lush crowns. Externally, the houses resemble the nests of birds, connected by wooden bridges. This unusual accommodation allows holidaymakers to fully merge with wild Peruvian nature.

Conrad Maldives on the island of Rangali, Maldives

Photo of Pucate, Perú by Victoria Applebaum

The peculiarity of the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is that it is located on two islands connected by a bridge. You will find spacious villas, underwater rooms and spectacular beaches of the Maldives. Virtually every villa on the water or not 4 walls, panoramic windows, wide arches or sliding walls. Not only can you dive right into the water from the bedroom, you can soak up the jacuzzi, well, or just in the tub, where 4 people can fit. We recommend you at least see the photo, just hold your jaw!

Photo of Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, Alifu Dhaalu Atoll, North Central Province, Maldives by Victoria Applebaum
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