Top and Beautiful Tourist Attractions in Iceland

18th Oct 2017

Iceland is the land of fire and ice. Intense natural phenomenon including tectonic movements and volcanic activities has recreated most parts of the land into adventurous sites, where tourists from all across the world now visit to explore nature in its unseen forms. Iceland has an abundance of natural sites that takes aspirant hikers to the limits of their body and mind.

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Significantly Iceland’s prominence in the tourism industry has grown over the years. The Icelandair recorded a 20% increase in its total passengers traveling to Iceland last year. To bridge the gap between places and enthusiastic travelers private tours Iceland help in numerous ways. One can enjoy a trip in its full potential by applying for Iceland private tour packages by

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Why go for private tour packages by

It is actually appropriate to travel Iceland through private tours. Usually, the roads are covered with ice and snow, which makes it somewhat challenging to maneuver the vehicle while driving. Tours arranged by includes customized jeeps that are compatible with the terrain. Travelers can sit back comfortably and enjoy the rides to the exquisite parts of Iceland.

Let us further go though the topmost tourist destinations of Iceland and why is it convenient to take private tours to such parts.

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The Blue Lagoon

Globally renowned as one of the best relaxation spots of the country, the Blue lagoon is a massive hot water spring where travelers can effectively satiate the body amidst the incomparable freshness of the warm water-body. Alongside cool breezes and water temperatures of 35-37 degree C, visitors will also have the scenic beauty of ice-filled landscapes surrounding the lagoon.

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Diamond Beach

The beach is distinct because it comprises of icebergs and snow formations, which is also a resting place for seals. Some of the icebergs comprise of a light bluish color that reflects its radiant shine during the day. It is one of the topmost places for sight-seeing and people can embark on optional boat-rides as well.

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Aurora Borealis

This is one of the most distinctive features of Iceland. Also known as the Northern Lights, this occurrence happens due to the reactions of charged particles inside the earth’s atmosphere. People get to witness natural light shows in colors such as light green, blue, red and orange.


Dettifoss is recognized as the most powerful waterfall. It is 100 meters wide and over 40 meters high, with mighty currents that simply dominate the quietude of the place. The spot of the falls is magnificent for nature photography, sight-seeing or to simply replenish the self amidst the serenity of nature.

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It is one of the famous volcanic sites of Iceland. Travelers will have a lifetime experience exploring through the lava-formations including caves, floors and natural remains underneath. The intensity rises as the levels go deeper. One will in-fact feel the radiating heat of the molten remains coming from inside the volcano.


Such parts are easily accessible with customized jeeps or other heavy-duty vehicles. Moreover, travelers can simply enjoy the scenic beauty and take short breaks along the way as well. With cheap tour packages one can conveniently travel to places, fulfill their wanderlust and experience the finest facet of Iceland in its brilliant natural heritage.

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