Travel to set yourself free in this vast and beautiful world 

Photo of Travel to set yourself free in this vast and beautiful world by Kunal Rawat

A message straight from a traveler's heart - Being my first travel video, I thought of starting off with a message to everyone on why we need to travel.

It is important that we all travel to discover how vast, beautiful and diverse our world is. It helps in self realization and broadens up your mind. Travel is a form of adventure and learning. It makes us realize how small our problems are and that there is so much more to do than to just chase money. So remember to take out time to head out, set yourself free and connect with yourself & the outside world - only then will you realize the importance of travel & the freedom it gives you from the daily constraints of life

All pictures used in the video are clicked by me from a trip to Himachal Pradesh. The background music is from one of my favorite songs "coming back to life" by Pink Floyd

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Mesmerizing clicks... Beautiful views and clicks...
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thanks dear
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