Traveling to Russia to find and date gorgeous brides

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Traveling to Russia to find a bride was fun, dating was fantastic and I really found what I was looking for!

Analyzing questionnaires and requirements of men to future spouses, unfortunately, we are forced to recognize that the young slender attractive women who know English without children or with one child have the greatest chances.

But you and without me knew it, truly?

The main thing - you shall has clear idea of your chances. And if they aren't great, but you without fail want to find the husband "there", be ready to spend much more time, and even not months, and maybe years. I not in which measure don't want to tell that the woman for 40 won't find to herself the spouse - if makes efforts, is ready to spend time - chances are. We for example with the great pleasure accept questionnaires of women of all age and though to you and for 90, everyone, first, has the right to personal happiness, and secondly, can on our website, there is your future husband, the friend.

But now we will talk about that HOW to increase chances!

The western grooms hunt for the Russian brides not because they Russians or know how to cook well. To marry the Russian costs to them a pretty penny therefore all of them look for an ideal - if to sleep, that is to marry, so on "queen".

How to increase the chances

If your case is that option when the dream of a country house in California doesn't allow to sleep at night, and you are ready for the considerable victims if only to perform it, use the test of assessment of chances as a management. You one decide how far you are ready to go when you travel to Russia for a bride.

The unique way which it is impossible to use - a lie. Provision of unreliable information about itself is the biggest mistake which you can make. Don't deceive about the age, knowledge of language or the number of children at all. Sooner or later deception will open, and you not only will win nothing, but will lose everything. In the legislation of many countries there is article that defect can be nullified if one of spouses intentionally provided false information about himself. The Western world very seriously belongs to a lie, and you can spoil the arising relations even a small lie. Besides, there are many methods of a increased chances, without resorting to such slippery means as a lie.


As you already managed to notice, the age gives you the greatest points. The you are more senior, the more difficult to you to find the partner. Unfortunately, this criterion gives in to correction least. With age you should reconcile.

But the age gives one irreplaceable advantage - you should use experience, and this benefit to the full extent. More experienced women know better that men look for and appreciate, control themselves better, and are capable to offer men that it is necessary to them.

Besides, the fact that to you for 40, means that your children are already independent and you quietly can live, at last, for yourself and the partner, so date Russian brides wisely. Don't forget to emphasize this fact in the letters.

Knowledge of language

The criterion following on importance - knowledge of language. Here everything depends only on you. Knowledge of language can be improved infinitely, and it really solves a lot of things.

A cute Russian bride ready for a date

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