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When i went to Hong Kong the first time i was 21. I was very excited to experience being in a different country for the first time. We arrived at Hong Kong International Airport which is located in Chek Lap Kok at around 2am, from there we found a bus to our first destination Chai Wan, where we spent 3 weeks before heading to China. My Favourite place in Hong Kong is Mong Kok, also the main district for street performers and other entertainment.

You would see all the performers around the streets trying to enlighten peoples day and night (Which they did). There are many restaurants that provide a large variety of food to choose from, i definitely recommend exploring Mong Kok, we had an experience with a Monk that did dangerous acts, such as laying on sharp blades while moving and he was brilliant to watch. The monks here will take you into mainland China to train with them for as long as you pay them and what a good experience that would be!

Another place i recommend going to is the Peak (Victoria Peak), this oversees Hong Kong and is one of the most beautiful mountains i have been on for ocean views and views of skyscrapers. There were many tourism shops that you could buy from and contained a big amount of merchandise! Hong Kong is filled with beautiful wonders and people, as a foreigner this is definitely my top place to go to, also considering that this is home to many of my friends that i try to see each year now! ... Anyway the food is amazing my favourite part of the day was breakfast to enjoy Hong Kong authentic Yumcha which has Dim Sim, Meats and sweet bread to choose from.

If you ever decide to go to Hong Kong which i hope you all do get to experience, please send me a message and i will recommend the best places to go !

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