Travelling with Kids ? What you should Pack in your Bag ?


What's in my Bag : Travelling with Kids

One day my sister called me as she wanted some help in her packing for her vacation. She sounded little worried so I asked her what's the problem? She replied I do not know how it will be as I am travelling first time with my 2-year-old kid and the journey time is more than 5 hours. And believe me she was not the first one who was concerned about travelling with kid. I have already met so many parents who generally avoids long trips because of small kids. So, I though why not to help them. So here I am telling you what to carry in bag pack to enjoy the journey with kid for approximately 6-7 hour travel.

1. Small packet of wet Tissue. I feel it is better than sanitizers as it can be used in so many places where sanitizer do not work such as poo-poo accidents. As well as airlines also do not mind.

2. 3-4 Sandwich size zip lock bags which will be helpful in keeping half eaten food without spoiling your bag and you can reuse food just like half packet of biscuits or half eaten banana.

3. One packet of salted and one packet of sweet biscuits and any fruit which your kid like.

4.One pair of kid’s clothes. Select the clothes which takes small space and are light weighted and one small light woolen stole. Which can help in sudden weather changes.

5. One water bottle. Suggest to keep cello’s thermosteel water bottle of approximately 500 ml, believe me it will help both in hot and cold season so use is according to your requirement.

6.In a small box medicines such as crocin , ondem ,small packet of electrol etc.

7. Bandages. Some time they may help you too just in case when you have shoe bite.

8. Lollipops as this help in time pass, clamming kids down and changing their moods as well as during air travel sucking lollipops may help.

9.One writing pad / activity book with two pencils and one crayon box. Many small variants are available in the market. This will help in keeping your kid away from mobile.

10.Two small bottles of clay dough, as this is the best way to overcome the boredom during long journey.

11. 1-2 Trash bag, so you can teach your kids some civic sense. Do not forget to carry those with you and dispose in dustbin.

12. kid’s shades and cap if planing a sunny outing.

And last but not the least lots.... of patience………as trip is for spending time with your kid and not give them mobile phones.

Wish you all a happy travelling………..