No food enroute #actofkindness

3rd Aug 2018

So it was back in 2016 when I was taking a road trip in and around California. I was traveling alone and decided to take a bus tour. To my surprise, I was the only Indian in the bus with all my fellow passengers being Chinese. It was a 5 days trip and I bonded a bit with a Chinese lady, named Lana Kuo, onboard. It was one hectic tour and the bus made very few stops - mostly on the highway. Unfortunately, most of the places where they stopped for a lunch or dinner break were non-vegetarian- with almost zero vegetarian options. Not even fries!

I expected this and I survived on the food I was carrying, but I didn't have a proper meal in four days. On our last day, when I got off from the bus at San Francisco, me and few other passengers, checked into a hotel. I was waiting at the reception for my room keys and Lana was waiting for her husband to pick her up. When her husband arrived, Lana came to me to say good bye. We hugged and she handed me a packet. I couldn't figure out what it was and then she said, "I am a teacher at a pre-school here and in my class there are few vegetarian students. We prepare mid-day meals in school and for these vegetarian students, we prepare vegetarian meal. I asked my husband to pack a lunch box for you because you haven't eaten properly during the whole trip. I am sorry it is not the best kind of vegetarian food but it is what I could manage here". She also handed me her business card and asked me to call her in case I need any help. I was so touched by her small gesture and hugged her back and thanked her several times for her kindness. I went up to my room and heated the food. I must say that it was not the best meal I had- but it was definitely the best meal I had in four days. And certainly one of the meals that I cherish till date. Thanks Lana for your kindness!