Understanding the Hazards of Sleeping Disorders


Sleep is one of the basic and primary needs of a human being. It is a natural mechanism of the human body to recover the energy that has been lost days back and reconstruct damaged tissues and cells. However, some individuals take a hard time doing this natural body function. Having a good night sleep is unknown to them. Hence, instead of sleeping at night, they are wide awake due to distractions and sleep disorders. Any type of sleep disorders has a negative effect on your body and overall wellness.

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Two of the most common sleep disorder is insomnia and sleep apnea. Insomnia is a condition wherein a person has the inability to sleep because of stress, problems, trauma and presence of medical conditions. There are millions of people who experience insomnia and 30 to 40 percent of them have a chronic condition that lasts for months up to years. On the other hand, another sleeping disorder one can have is sleep apnea or snoring. A person with sleep apnea can experience sleep disruptions due to difficulty or pause in breathing some time in their sleep. Moreover, it affects your sleeping partner as well especially if you produce a loud high pitched sound while sleeping. Some may see this as a laughable issue but it is a serious one. Sleep apnea can trap the air from entering your lungs by involuntary blocking of airways causing the lack of oxygen inside the body. This sleep disorder is much dangerous if a person has other severe medical condition like such as cardiovascular ailments. Both insomnia and sleep apnea can affect your daily life, health and cause the appearance of microsleep. This condition is an after-effect of sleeping disorders. Since your body could not get enough sleep at night, it takes all the chance it can get to sleep even for just a few minutes. Microsleep is a term used to identify a short period or episode of sleep that usually last between a second to a minute.

Have you experienced a situation wherein you are sitting, suddenly sleeps and jerks awake after a few seconds? That is microsleep. Microsleep is a dangerous thing. It can affect your work performance and can cause accidents. According to records, car accidents happen mostly due to irresponsible drivers or the driver suddenly falls asleep while driving. In a short episode of unconsciousness may cause you to change lanes, not see a person crossing the street or pass a traffic light without noticing its color. All of this is rooted from sleep deprivation because of sleeping disorders. Aside from accidents, lack of sleep makes you lose focus, have mood swings, irrational behavior and have stress. It affects your way of cognition leading to a drop in working performance. Thus, before the sleep deprivation gets the best of you, search now the best way on how to cure sleep apnea and other sleeping disorders. At Sleep Healthy Midwest.com, you order an Apnealink air test. It is a small and effective device that can help you identify if you suffer from sleep apnea including the severity of your condition. Take an Apnealink air test now and have a better soundless sleep.

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