Wanderlust Through The Wanderer’s List Of Adventure Hubs Amidst Purest Form Of Nature.


Travelers with adventure in their blood get to explore the unexplored destinations. The adrenaline rush they have is what provides them with the zest to travel and invade the wilderness of the nature that is abundant in the state of Kerala. The peaks and wildlife sanctuaries located in the region are a treat to the adventurers where they can trek or set off on a splendor jeep safari that too with limited money. There are a number of such destination which offers the travelers with best spots for wandering and a Kerala tour packages would be the best decision taken in order to explore the sites. Few of the most famous places that are the best spots for exploration as per tour operators Seasonz India Holidays are as follows:

The Toughest Trails Of Chembra Peak

Location: Wayanad

Main activity: Trekking

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Located at Wayanad, this destination is known as one of the hardest trekking places where the hikers can spend hours in trekking up to the top of the hill where the beauty of the mountain ranges of Western Ghats is displayed. The real beauty of the journey is through each stage where scenic delights overtake the tiredness of travel. One will have to impart a whole day for trekking the Chembra peak as hasty hiking might not work out in the place. The people have to avail a guide in order to climb up the peak. The guide fees and an entry fee of Rs 750 is the expense incurred at the place which is less compared to the sights that await the tourists. The travelers have to take all the refreshment eateries and water along with them due to the long span of time required for trekking. It is advised to trek post the monsoon season as, during the rainy season, the place might be too slippery and during the summer season, hiking might get too tiring.

The Heaven On The Earth: Dhoni Hills.

Location: Palakkad.

Main activity: Trekking and sightseeing waterfalls.

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Dhoni hill is an unexplored destination of Kerala which lets the travelers through an exciting trekking experience which would also be one of the most economical trekking one can indulge in. The travelers have to acquire the permission from the Forest Department in order to trek the Dhoni Hills as wild animals are often spotted in the region. Hence the adventure lovers may also get a chance to view few of Kerala's wild animals when they trek here. Cattle varieties are also bred here due to which large group of cattle animals can be spotted on the way up to the hill. The trekking also gives an endpoint to the travelers where they are exposed to one of the most beautiful waterfalls located in Kerala, which is the Azhakampara waterfalls. It is situated 3 km up the hills. It is always advised to trek in groups at the hills due to safety concerns. A cost of Rs 100 would be charged per person for entering the hills.

Aromatic Mountain Ranges Of Agasthyakoodam.

Location: Trivandrum.

Main activity: Trekking.

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Agasthyakoodam is a location where the tourists get to unleash an adventure walk through one of the highest peaks located in Kerala. The mountain is encompassed by the Neyyar Wildlife sanctuary where wide varieties of animals, birds and insects can be spotted. As one walks through, he or she are also take in the aroma of the various herbs and plants that grow naturally in the region. Orchids and lichens covered most of the place. People often trek with different mentatlity when at Agasthyakoodam as some might be in search of evidence from Hindu Puranas while others might be nature enthusiasts interested in invading the eco-spot of the region. In order to trek the peak, the travellers have to see to it that they make the bookings online as only limited people are allowed to hike the mountain in a year. An amount of Rs500 is the cost per head for those people climbing the hills. The tourists are allowed only in particular months as the place is also a pilgrimage site of Hindu devotees regarding the belief in the Puranas. A day from December to April is convenient for the travellers as during the other months' tourists are not allowed to trek the hills which is the epitome of adventure hike.

A Royal Walk Through The Eco-Hub Of Eravikulam.

Location: Idukki

Main activity: Trekking

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Eravikulam National park is a gem of a destination located at Munnar where wildlife and trekking go hand in hand. Considered as a Heritage of the country, the place is more known for the Nilgiri Tahrs which are protected inside the park due to its tag under endangered species. The adventure increases as the tourists get to see wild animals like elephants and Golden Jackals in the park. A guided trekking becomes never ending where 97 Kilometers of land is filled in shrublands and grasslands. Leeches may often reach up to the people due to which measures are to be taken trekking up the mountains of Kerala especially during the monsoon season. A fee of Rs 90 is supposed to be remitted by the Indians while the foreigners have to pay Rs 360 to enter the premises of the park. The fare lets the people wander inside for a span of eight and a half hours. The adventurers should return by 4:30 pm as wild animals unleash themselves for hunting during the late evenings.

Kerala is hence an adventurers hub where a person would get to set on various trips where walking through the grasslands and evergreen forests would expose the real beauty hidden in the state. The reasonably priced journey helps the junkies in not being restricted from travelling to the hotspot regions existing on the earth which demands exposure as well. A Kerala tour package with the price to these destinations is a gateway through which the traverse begins. On taking the benefit of being happy about a journey that provides the people with nature, lets them enjoy the people also get on their journey to the fullest. The journey also lets the travelers lapse into the cove of mother Earth.

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