Water Falls of India!

1st Jun 2013
Photo of Water Falls of India! by Pabbi Siddharth

Swimming the deep grumpy waters of the city wide dearth of pools and other water bodies you felt cooler about? How about heading into the hills and trekking literally to find yourself immersing well enough into the melted ice ponds. Well, have no time? How about not wearing a wrist watch for a while and spending those bank notes before they also get demonetized! Take a six hours journey from Delhi and come to Rishikesh, and hey this one is important... head to Ram Jhula and cross it to come to the other side. Now on take a left and just keep walking on the travails where you will find it vivid and green. If you happen to be arriving in the morning, then you got the right punch of breezy air and fresh Yoga feel. Lots of firangs to join to make friends over Yoganomics. Keep moving until you cross all the quirky river side cafes and comes to an almost a right turn. That's the edge from where most of the tourists make a move back to home. But, hey you are not like those urban swag bunch of fellas who is still wearing their wrist watches on! For the best results keep moving as the path leads you to the upper parts of the hills on the road that can also take you to the Neelkanth, the famous Shiva temple. Now, wanna trek 28 Km to the temple. It is up to you but doesn't stop until you witness few waterfalls hidden deep in the forest as you move along. Ask locals to guide you there. Frankly being an avid traveler and an extreme Voyager myself I trekked the giant hills on a scorching summer of 2012 until I reached the epitome of spiritual and natural wonder in the uphill Ganges region. Was it tough, yeah! But, as I was bold over the mesmerizing beauty and the inviting calm. Easy was nothing as I climbed the hills by foot, and what I actually discovered was a couple of hidden water bodies, fresh icy cold ponds, and Himalayan water falls I literally feel stay drenched even till now! Just one warning there will be no mobile networks and Pepsi Colas to chill yourself, so come a little packed with basics. You coming right?

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