What is the need of carrying while travelling?


We all know that students should manage their life in a very systematic way as they have to study, they have to take care of their families, they have to take care of their health and some students need to do a job as well. SO they get very least amount to study as they only have 24 hours in a day and they have lots of stuff to do in it. That is why prefer that students should study while travelling which will help them in study and their boring time of travelling somewhere will also be utilized in the best manner. Here are some good books students should read while travelling.

• History – For some students, history is the most boring subject but let us tell you that history is the most important subject in India as this subject can help you secure good marks in UPSC exams if you have any kind of interest in it. There is just matter of some time when you will find history very interesting as it has been seen that once if you have chosen history as a subject, you don’t choose any other subject over it.

• English – Though most of the people think that English is a very easy subject to read but a lot of students fail in English every year. English is a very tricky subject as students feel that it is very easy and hence they focus on other subjects more than English but they really need to think twice as if English is easy, it can help you secure a good percentage in your exams if you prepare for English in the best manner.

• Political science – This is another subject which can help you securing good marks in UPSC exams. A lot of students think that pol science is a difficult subject so they choose any other subject, but we feel that it is one of the easiest and most important subjects for a student. Once learnt, a student can secure a really good percentage in it. And while travelling you will have a great interest in studying pol science.

• Sociology – The easiest subject in the life of a student is sociology. But some students still feel that it is tough because they try to learn bookish language. Take my point, sociology is an understandable subject and not a learnable subject. If you will try to learn it, you will definitely fail and if you have understood it, you will top.

These were some books students should read while travelling. Though all these books are readily available in various book depots written by various writers, but we feel that NCERT books are most important for a student. And nowadays as it is the trend of mobile phones, one should opt for downloading the books rather than purchasing the physical copies of it. And one can easily download books from www.studypost.com where one can find all kinds of study materials and NCERT books of all subjects, thus it becomes easier for students to study now.