What Made Me A Travel Addict?

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I have feet. I yearn to fly. My heart does not feel content at one place. New places excite me. Faraway locations tempt me. Places I have not even heard of or seen call me to fulfill my wanderlust. The world arteries weave a helluva nervous system which sits ready to be explored. I simply besotted to travel, but I also love being in one place for a while. Some fools like me take our passion to a whole new level. It is complicated to explain. I would give away anything to travel all the time if I had the money and the energy to do so. That is addiction. To save primarily only to see, fly, unravel and explore is addiction.

So I turned a travel addict three years ago, when I knew I got happiness galore. When I knew I felt content and yearned for good things not at one place, but different places. When being stationary meant restless behavior. It is a choice you make above all.

When parents start suggesting professional help for your addiction, you gotta know, this is what you have wanted. When you have tried living a stationary life for months together and you failed, just fell off the wagon, you know travel is your cup of tea. What surprised me the most was that booking tickets gave me a high. My days were filled with joy and laughter after this activity. The streets in my hometown sometimes start feeling like a routine affair and take me into a state of despair. That is when I knew I had to go. However, counting the countries and continents I will visit in the coming years makes my heart pound, even a simple ride or drive on the road is alluring, I feel fascinated on the road, my imagination picks up really fast.

Sitting in a quaint, little corner of my house I always keep on wondering about the next location to visit. Fantasizing about adventures is in my blood. When someone asks “What does travel mean to you?” I feel like answering, that it is seductive, mysteriously attractive, and madly desirable. Ibn Battutah once said “Traveling, it leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller.” Unknowingly my heart tells me that it is anxious for the places it has not seen, how very weird right? I am captivated by the fact, that how come places we have not seen have the power to attract us in such a bewitching manner.

Addiction is also defined by patience. Do you wait for your friends to make plans, or just head to a location on your own. Do you wait for a bunch of people to say yes to your planned trips or just pack your bags and leave with your favorites? If that is established in your blood, then you are welcome to the travel addiction community. Working your ass off to fund your trip. By hook or by crook going for that destination which is at a cry’s distance. Making trips possible at any cost when your hunger can be satiated only with spellbinding wanderlust then you are the proud addict, nothing to be ashamed of.

Each day is filled with riveting ideas that capture your whims and fancy, dreaming of yonder shores beyond your reach or eye can see. If music, books and films make you think only of the place that these things are associated with, then there is no escape from the enrapturing world of travel. Beguiling as it may sound, your onward return journeys are mostly spend in planning the next plans or rethinking about the wonders of the place you visited, then you are already gripped. When you are compelled to go and hypnotized by wanderlust then it is a privilege that is bestowed upon a certain few. The bug has the rights to choose as well. Coming home from your holiday is like a vacation for a few days, that is the kind of life that excites me. Addiction comes from material too, is your diary filled with a bucket list and to do things that you want to do in life so that you do not regret in your old age? You are certainly one of the yonder travelers that wants like minded community partners.

I would like to conclude with a very simple line. Now is the time, if not now when, just go and quench your thirst. This addiction will leave you spellbound. These chains of wanderlust if transfixed to you, will make you a better person, a more accepting person, a more experienced soul. Travel is something out of the books and internet, it is real time management. All the best!

Till next time!

Rucha Sudhir Khot

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