What to know before landing in Thailand?


Thailand is a beautiful country. You might have heard of the term “Land of Smiles”. Thailand is where this term truly applies. You would be surprised to witness the kindness and gentleness of the Thai people. The Thai people are individuals with a big heart. However, traveling abroad is always a tricky task. Irrespective of the place, you have to learn about the ways, manner and the lifestyle of the native people. Therefore, if you have booked your international flight tickets to Thailand, here are some of the top considerations that you need to keep in mind. Have a read:

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Respect the Royal Family: The royal family of the country with the King at its supremacy is looked upon highly by the Thai people. You could observe the same as when you would arrive in Thailand, you could spot the photographs of the Thai king along with the family members across all places. Therefore, if you intend to say something wrong against them, then you might end up in great trouble. The Thai people visualize their King to be the figure of righteousness and the strict adherence to the Buddhist beliefs. Several individuals view the king as a father person as well. Therefore, on your trip to Thailand, be attentive to say nothing disrespectful against the king or the royal family.

Follow the Polite Customs: Thailand boasts politeness and respectfulness in all realms of life. It treats its guests with great respect and in a highly polite manner. Therefore, even if you are not of the polite disposition, you need to maintain some gratitude and respectful nature all throughout your trip to Thailand. If you find it difficult to learn the Thai phrases of “Thank You” and “Please”, then you can learn the simple “Wai” expression of Thai gratitude. The Wai can be simply performed by placing your hands together in a prayer position (similar to Indian Namaste) and then bowing down slightly to show some respect for the other person.

Carry Toilet Paper: If your flight ticket booking is confirmed and you have your packing, you must not forget to carry your toilet paper when you are on your Thailand trip. Though Thailand has adopted the western style of toilets in most public places, still you could come across the Asian squat toilets at some places. If you are not prepared for this, then your handbag of the toilet paper might help you out.

Take Risks on the Thai Food: A huge portion of the Thai attraction is its food. However, before plunging deep into your Thai platter, you should always take bits at first. This will help your stomach to adjust properly so that you do not spoil your trip. When in Thailand, do not miss out on the delicious street Thai food that is available in the food stalls across the country.

Headed on a trip to Thailand? Keep some simple tips in mind to enjoy your trip to the maximum.

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