What we can learn from Roads?

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Roads were made for journey, Not destination.

We travel on roads every day, there are turns, speed breakers, potholes, smooth stretches, sometimes there are traffic jams, sometimes there are complete road blocks and we have no choice left but to go through it or take a different path.

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We cannot deny, What we feel inside

Do you see the similarities with our life!! it’s so very alike to what life has to propose us, smooth stretches that we love and enjoy, speed breakers which come out of nowhere and surprise us, potholes which are quite a pain as they leave us injured, roadblocks which push us to an edge and we have no option but to find a better way and turns which make us LIVE AND GROW.

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A bend in the road is not the end of the road, Unless you fail to make the turn.

What do we do when we see a speed breaker - slow down and go over it. What with a pothole - we go throughout it. What with the smooth stretch - increase the volume of our music and enjoy the drive. What with the turn - change gears and takes the turn to our destination.

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It doesn't matters how old you are, All that matters is how many roads have you been through

The ROAD teaches us Resilience, it teaches us that we continue to move on, come what may. Every speed breaker in life, every pothole, every setback can be taken care of like being ON THE ROAD.

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Sometimes you gotta go beyond the pavement.

We don’t stop on the road but in life we do.

1. Find the cause of the speed breaker - Slow down like you do on a Speed Breaker and hit the brake - You can hit a speed breaker and jump up but you can also drive over it if you are an experienced driver. Sudden troubles are not too many, we get stuck in troubles of everyday life, knowing they are there and deciding to do nothing about them. Be an experienced driver, slowly get past them. Think about it.

2. The One Minute trick - It’s important to stop and give yourself at least one minute without thinking of the problem, the way you perceive it in the first place. Keep yourself blank, the purpose is to intervene the auto-reaction that your body and mind have. If you practice this enough, you will soon be able to identify your own auto-reactions and how to control them.

3. Do not attribute more than there is to the situation or person - Take your part of the responsibility in any situation and do not try to decide the ‘why’ in your own special way. Take it in passing. If you attribute more than there is to it, that is what it becomes - MORE of it.

4. Speed Breakers are to prevent accidents – Look at the positive side, some places you do need to slow down. Any setback should just be treated like that. Gives us time to re-think, re-work and re-plan our goals, that’s it. It does not mean one has to live in slow motion, but one just needs to slow down for a while and get moving again.

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