Why I love documenting my travel, one second at a time!

28th Sep 2018


Photo of Why I love documenting my travel, one second at a time! by Anuj Menta

This was my second solo trip, apart from China and I was pretty excited like anyone, because I was going to EUROPE.

Checkout the video before I discuss more about capturing your travel through your phones * _ *

One of the most important things I decided to do was to document my travel. Most of us click lots of pictures and loads of selfies as memories thanks to the tech we have on our mobile phones. Most phones have unprecedented rear and front cameras resulting in so many memories, but is that it?

I watched this video called 'Everest: One second shots' by Megan Sullivan, who was all over the internet for visiting the 7 wonders of the world in 13 days after she was diagnosed with some form of cancer. Now she has recovered and travels for a living, and is my true source of inspiration.

My first travel video was my trip to China, which is also a compilation of 1-second videos from throughout the trip. Two years later, every time I watch the video, all those memories come rushing in.

Shooting these videos are very simple: Take a 1-2 second video of places you visit, walking down the street, getting onto a flight/train/bus/metro/tram/cable car, anything and everything. Next, put them together using a simple video editor while adding a music track. Given todays tech, a simple mobile app ( or even Google Photos ) can do that for you. And Lo! you have your travel video from your trip and go ahead and let your network see all the places you have visited through their own eyes :D!