Why is it reasonable not to look at stars while choosing a hotel?

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Typically, when selecting a hotel, we take our friends' pieces of advice more seriously. We also take notice of travelers’ recommendations and draw attention to accommodation establishments in the number of stars. The more, the better. Only if you can always rely on the stars and really be sure that three stars in Egypt are equivalent to 3 stars in Dubai.

All around the world, there are more than 30 hotel classification systems, which can assess the international, national and local authorities, the tourist commission, trading companies, travel directories, publishers, hotel owners and many others. So, for example, in European cities, 3* hotels are different from 3* hotels in Egypt.

Hotel classification differs not only between countries - in most cases even in the same country there is no uniform classification system. This means that the same amount of stars are given to accommodation in the same country may vary, depending on the condition of the hotel, the size of the territory, staff courtesy, the choice of food, the spectrum of services, etc.

But how to choose a right hotel for your needs and avoid the shock then you come to a hotel room expecting five stars luxury but see three stars quality?

Choose network hotels. So what we should rely on while planning holidays? One of the tip - choose the chain of hotels.

One hotel chain - it's like the same chain restaurants, in which we can expect a similar menu and service quality, one particular standard. Whichever of the same name hotel you choose, international or one operating in a country, hotel chains almost all the time guarantee the same quality of service. Thus, if in Belek, Turkey, you stayed at Rixos 5 * hotel, and you liked it, it's an excellent chance to enjoy Rixos 5 * hotel in Antalya the same.

Is 5 * different from 5 *? Hotel category is granted under certain criteria by, for example, area size, the total number of rooms and the size of the restaurant, the maximum size of the people who can stay in a hotel at once, closed swimming pools and so on. t. But even 5 * will be different on another 5* hotel, because a good 5 * hotel will invest in personnel, teaches them, provides services, have behavioral requirements and keeps up with them.

And there are 5 * hotels that meet the criteria and have all the stars, but in reality, they have a terrible service, have problems with the cleanliness and the like. Thus, the same category hotels can be very different.

International official hotel evaluation systems have the highest possible value of 5 *. The only hotel that honored himself with seven stars is the Burj Al Arab 7 * hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Do not travel "blindly." Vacation depends heavily on the holidaymaker, more precisely, from traveler’s contribution in planning the trip.

Do not travel somewhere blind to rest, and always check what you ordered. Then the chance that you will meet your expectations will be much higher. To get real information about the hotel, contact the travel agency staff, as well as read reviews online because the photos do not always show the true picture of the hotel. You should also look closer to travel cost compared to analog ones in the market, especially if it is much smaller for some reasons.

In this case, it is worth to examine more detail of the package you are buying: whether transportation is included, what is the food, what type of room you are going to get, and so on.

Sometimes people are very easily attracted to lower price and don’t care to search for more info. Often, such bad habits lead to disappointment, and therefore you start blaming others for your own mistakes.

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