Why Tourists Should See the Mexican Pyramids


With the beautiful geological features, warm climate and multicultural tradition built upon the Mayan and Aztec heritage and colonial influence, it isn’t surprising that Mexico has become one of the top holiday destinations among American and European tourists. Whether seeking a quiet resort for a family vacation, looking forward to tropical beach parties, every tourist visiting Mexico should see some of the majestic Mexican pyramids.

Pyramid of the Sun

Located 25 miles northeast of Mexico City, one of the most popular tourist attractions is the Pyramid of the Sun in the city of Teotihuacan. The pyramid is the third largest pyramid in the world, surrounded by some smaller pyramid structures such are the Temple of the Feathered Serpent and the Moon Pyramid.

The world’s largest pyramid by volume is the famous Great Pyramid of Cholula or Tlachihualtepetl, located in the Cholula district in the southern Mexico. It is believed that the construction of this monumental structure stretched through several centuries, and the archeological pieces link this important religious site with the ancient city of Teotihuacan.


One of the most beautiful and recognizable sites is the ancient Maya city of Palenque in what is today the state of Chiapas in Central Mexico. Though much smaller than other archeological sites in Mexico, it possesses some of the most beautiful examples of pre-Colonial architecture. Temple of Inscriptions is the largest stepped pyramid on the site and served as a funerary monument for the city’s ruler.

El Tajín, the largest city of the classical era, is maybe the most impressive archeological site in Mexico. Situated on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, it represents the Classic Veracruz culture and is well-known for its beautiful Pyramid of Niches, discovered by the European colonials in the 18th century.

Many of the well-preserved Mayan ruins are located on the Yucatan Peninsula, one of them being the ancient city of Uxmal and the Pyramid of the Magician. The pyramid is its tallest of the pyramid structures there, and is an example of the very characteristic Puuc style.

Pyramid of El Castillo

The most popular of all the archeological sites in Mexico is certainly Chichen Itza, the largest and most visited Mayan cities in the Yucatan Peninsula. The most famous structure is the pyramid of El Castillo, an example of brilliant ancient architecture. The most famous feature of this impressive pyramid is visible in March and September, during the equinox, when the lengths of day and night become equal. The structure’s steps create a shadow illusion that looks as if the Mayan feathered serpent god Kukulcan crawls down the pyramid during the equinox. This phenomenon attracts thousands of visitors every year that want to absorb positive energy they believe is radiated from the site during that time of the year, by rising hands during the descending or leaning against the walls of the pyramid.

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