World's Top 10 Airport

Photo of World's Top 10 Airport 1/1 by Khan Is Amjad

World's Top 10 Airport

In this article we'll look forward to transfer, we describe the 10 best airport in the world will not upset you eat delayed.

1. Singapore Changi Airport

Airport not like an entertainment center.Facilities : rooftop swimming pool, water slides for children, jungle-themed playground, an arcade, health center, cactus and sunflower garden.

2- South Korea Incheon International Airport

an airport where you can have a good time. In addition, the safest in the world with luggage. According to statistical data, there is likelihood of only 0.0001% of dam problems.Facilities: spa, movie theater, concert hall.

3- Munich Airport

Night and day it does not matter. the airport will have fun.Facilities: The spa center is open during the midnight bar, car showroom, hairdressers.

4- Hong Kong Airport

Cultural context is quite nice and a different airport.Facilities: Bruce Lee exhibition, exhibition of Cantonese opera, shark exhibition, exhibition of childhood.

5- Tokyo Haneda International Airport

Japanese restaurant much like an airport employee from the airport. Guests can enjoy Japanese food at all hours of the day.Facilities: Hour 05: 00 even to eat Sushi.

6. Zurich Airport

very peaceful at an airport in the heart of Europe.Facilities: hygiene, comfort and transfer that your time is very, very peaceful city that can be visited in a short time to go out from the airport.

7- London Heathrow Airport

It was like an airport like paradise for women.Facilities: selling beauty products store and free makeup sessions.Trnsportation: Croydon Taxi / Croydon Airport Transfers: Airport to Airports such: ✓Gatwick Aiport Transfers ✓Heathrow AirPort Transfers ✓Standsted AirPort Transfers ✓Luton AirPort Transfers etc.

8. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Vegas version of the airport.Facilities: Casinos

9 Barcelona El Prat Airport

AVM looks like quite a big airport.Facilities: The famous brand shops, restaurants are located quite kind.

10- Berlin Schoenefeld Airport

Small but you will quite enjoy the wait for your plane at an airport.Facilities: brasserie located at the entrance of the airport and sun loungers.

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