You will discover the 6 best beach clubs of Ibiza

2nd Nov 2016
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The Ibiza Party Calendar of Ibiza allows you to enjoy exclusivity on the beach all day. You'd discover 6 of the best choices you'll find on the island!

The beach clubs in Ibiza

When summer arrives in Ibiza, One of the most interesting and exclusive that offers the island are called beach clubs in Ibiza.

In these places, according to Ibiza Calendar you can enjoy privileged beach front environments where all our senses are pampered by a specialist to enjoy its customers. They are an example of a meeting place for young-spirited but looking for something different, with a perfect combination in the same environment of fun and relaxation.

The beach clubs in Ibiza are a wonderful symbiosis of beach, sun, food and music in an exclusive atmosphere, you can access with the help of Ibiza Club Tickets all in the hands of professional teams who look to the last detail for each of its live customers a unique experience.

6 best beach clubs in Ibiza

From Beaching Ibiza want to make it easy, so we're going to recommend six of the best beach clubs in Ibiza, all spread throughout geography of the island, but always magical places where you can enjoy the sun and beach or a wonderful sea food dinner.

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1. Nassau Beach Club

Not because I say that, but if you want an unconventional place, this is one of the beach clubs in Ibiza where you can enjoy this feeling. And all this near Nassau beach club the city of Ibiza.

In a friendly atmosphere, you can enjoy a cuisine in which the mixture of science and flavor is practiced, all accompanied by an extensive wine list to not disappoint the most discerning palates.

But if you want to relax with a drink, listen to contemporary music and enjoy the range of cocktails, the lounge will delight you. Nassau also gives you the option of holding an exclusive event, the team that made this place, take care of all the details to make it an experience for everyone.

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2. Cotton Beach Club

If you are looking for luxury and spend a wonderful vacation day of vacation, without hesitation, in Cala Tarida is your beach club. The atmosphere, the sea, the sky, the spectacular views, the Ibizan decor, and service make this place a real paradise.

From the beach, passing through the terrace or the roof terrace, you can taste a delicious high-quality food, while listening to live music throughout the day by the best DJs of the island.

Sun lounger beds and umbrellas on the beach, which are attached by private showers, are just some of the details they want, above all, the comfort of its customers.

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3. Cala Bassa Beach Club

Here you will find a wide range of services in the spectacular beach and clear waters of Cala Bassa. We will find here 3 restaurants, 2 bars and a VIP area on the beach with exceptional service.

Music fills the air from the water late into the night in the lounge and at the chill-out, for you to relax and enjoy the time regardless of the time of day.

All access to the beach and services are specially conceived and designed for people with special needs, creating itineraries accessible and usable for the environment is not an obstacle for any of its customers.

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4. Malibu Beach Club

Its location is already a declaration of intentions for this beach clubs in Ibiza. it is that the privileged Playa de las Salinas where it is located, a landmark on the island, gives that touch of paradise thanks to its perfect crystal clear waters.

Every year they come laden with novelties and surprises for the new season, with the only goal by their team that you enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Its cooking menu is renewed all the years to keep high the expectations of the most demanding palates that yes, without losing that Mediterranean, international and creative touch that characterize their kitchens.

The sunsets here not leave you indifferent; thanks to a seductive Mediterranean Sea which stains the sky's colors, all enlivened with music from the DJs to do that those moments are unique.

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5. It is a Restaurant by Atzaró

Located in the lookout on the beach of Cala Nova, to the North of the island, you find one of the beach clubs in Ibiza, so their clients enjoy all the care details, contemplating the sea and enjoying the breeze and the magical light of this part of the island.

This restaurant, in the hand of Chef Astrid Garcia, with an indisputable seafaring flavor, seeks the origin of the cuisine of Ibiza with a perfect selection of Mediterranean cuisine specializing in fish and rice dishes with flavor of the Earth.

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6. Lips beach club

If what you want is to enjoy a modern and exclusive environment, no doubt this is your place. Located in the heart of the Playa d' Bossa, enjoy the sea, incredible views and a wide range of services that will allow us to live in first person the spirit of the White Island.

From Beaching Ibiza we encourage you to try is that the island of Ibiza offers to make your holiday unique and special.

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