Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove


The Durdle Door well known for its shape like the neck of a giant dinosaur is one of the best coastal areas of the United Kingdom. The beach is a pebble beach and an adventurous attraction for off beat travelers. There are camp sights and caravan spots around the area so it is accessible to all private vehicles. The view from the cliff is amazing and an unmatched experience. The area not only pet friendly but also used as a location set for shooting many movies. The beach is always breezy and a clear day is the best day to visit this attraction. on reaching the place, one actually feels goosebumps because the water is so clean and the area is so peaceful.

An amazing natural formation of a water body enclosed by land on all sides. You might be familiar with the place if you have seen the movie 'The Life of Pi'. The last scene of the movie where one seas the whale diving out of the water during night was inspired by this location. The film and certain scenes were obviously animated and graphically designed but the actual location where this was shot was Lulworth cove. There is plenty of parking and amenities like gift shop, handicap support, eateries, toilets etc. at the entrance. It is a slight ascend from the parking spot from where you can see this amazing land form. One could always come here to gaze at the stars on a clear night and the sound of the sea water hitting the pebbles on the shore is more than serene.

A small town located in Dorset is a perfect place to begin the trip from. The 'Jurasic coast of Dorset' begins from this small town and one can either drive along this coast or take the X4 bus operated by 'First' to enjoy the entire route. One will be nothing less than amazed to see the rock formations over the years. There is a small cafe just opposite the bus stop that serves amazing cheese burgers and fish called cafe Royal. The place is run by a family and there is always some classic music playing in the cafe.