1. Visit Ruins of St. Paul’s

2. Perform street art at Senado Square

3. Picturesque Venetian

4. Macau Tower, obviously

5. Visit Mandarin’s House, a historic world heritage site

6. Explore cultural side of Macau through its historic buildings, museums, galleries and shops which are standing there since old times

7. Casino night in Studio City!

8. Visit Flora Garden, a European style garden which is considered as Macaus largest public park

9. Get my inner child out in Skycap Cable Car

10. The best, Macao Giant Panda Pavilion

11. Explore exhibits of Neolithic Period and Contemporary Macau

12. Enjoy Water Performance Arena and a Video Games Center,

13. Enjoy great tastes in Wine and Grand Prix Museum

14. Explore the military ambience of Fortaleza do Monte

15. The perfect blend of Portuguese and Chinese culture and traditions

16. The food is drool worthy

17. The night markerts are to die for

18. You can see the adorably cute pandas at Seac Pai Van Wildlife Park

19. Hop between extravagant casinos - it's rightly called the Vegas of East

20. Have a Venetian shopping experience, with gondola rides and flowing water

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