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Destination 2: Sangla Valley: Next day, we boarded 6am bus to reach Jeori and then to catch the bus towards the Sangla valley. By 8.30, we were in Jeori. After a quick breakfast (luckily one hotels was serving parathas and dahi) and ATM usage, we boarded the bus for Sangla around 9-9.30am.Our journey from Jeori to Sangla valley was filled with adventure. We got stuck into a Himalayan traffic jam. After passing Wangtu, at Tapri, due to huge water discharge from a nearby dam, the main NH road was flooded. All the vehicles had to take a risky detour via the old Hindustan-Tibet Road (Tapri-Urni road), which is not maintained often. Just imagine being stuck in a jam at the mountains for more than 2 hours where it is difficult to move forward or go backward especially in a bus.

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