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Another 30 minutes of trekking through beautiful landscapes and we finally reached Kheerganga. We were a little slow and stopped at quite a lot of places to cover the distance and hence we reached Kheerganga around 4 PM. We were there just in time to see the setting sun and catch it's last rays. The hot water spring is open only from sunrise till sunset so we decided to go for it the next day in morning. After this we pitched our tents and set up our stuff for the night to follow. In the hurry of finding a place for pitching the tents we forgot to notice the beautiful landscapes all around us. Once we were set up, we just sat in our tent facing the mountain in front and enjoying the views of nature. On the mountain in the front, if one looks carefully you can easily spot about 10 waterfalls coming from the snow clad peak. the vastness of this mountain covering the Kheerganga valley is a sight to relish.

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