Edificio Prada
Rua Prefeito Dr. Alberto Ferreira, 179 - Centro - CEP 13480-074, Limeira, State of Sao Paulo
Busto em Memoria do Dr. Trajano de Barros Camargo
R. Ten. Belizario, 439 - Centro, Limeira, em frente à Escola Trajano Camargo, Limeira, State of Sao Paulo
Praca Coronel Flaminio
Limeira, State of Sao Paulo
Monumento a Corporacao Musical Henrique Marques
Praca Toledo Barros, Centro, Limeira, State of Sao Paulo
Praca Dr. Luciano Esteves
Praca Dr. Luciano Esteves, Limeira, State of Sao Paulo
Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Amparo
Av. Comendador Agostinho Prada, 2500 - Jd. Maria Buschi Modeneis, Limeira, State of Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo
The financial heartbeat of the nation. It has couple of good museums, an alley with cool graffiti, and a local market selling fruits, vegetables, nuts, cheese, meat and restaurants serving Brazilian dishes. As an attraction in itself, I will recommend you SKIP IT.Porto Alegre
From Sao Paulo it was off to Paraty for a little longer than planned once again thanks to the colossal rain. But we managed to meet some fab hostel mates and venture out to the giant slip and slide waterfalls at Cachoeira do Toboga where the locals skidded down on their feet. I saw one guy slip and cut his eyebrow open but this didn’t stop anyone. Further up the falls was an 8m jump spot, something I couldn’t attempt but Seb managed it twice. We managed to get a group together to charter a boat trip around the islands on the final day with some snorkeling and sunburn!

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