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Trekking!!! The word that, for some people is, generally associated with hard work, pain and unease. For me too the thought of going on a trek did not pop up in my head, not because I am the lazy kind but I always thought I had enough time to do it in the later half of my life. Well long story short, I had recently broken my hip (doesn't happen everyday to many 28 years old) and after being in the hospital for a month then 2 months of lying in bed after that, I had to literally learn how to walk again. But after those three months of being handicapped and staring at the ceiling thinking if I would be able to walk again, I had realized one thing very clearly. "You might not have a full lifetime to do whatever it is you dream of doing". After 6 months of strength training and numerous physiotherapy sessions I was able to walk and jog somewhat like a normal person again. SO here I was, and I had decided come what may I am not going to wait for the right time anymore. So, I take off to Delhi for a snow trek to Chanderkhani Pass.We start from Manali early and after an hour and half drive we arrive at a beautiful village called Rumusu.

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