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At around 2.30 pm we hired a Safari from Patlikuhal and left for Rumsu and he charged us Rs 600. Buses only go till Naggar and from there you either have to hike to Rumsu or get a taxi. Considering the route from Naggar to Rumsu was really damaged and messed up, 600 Rs was fair deal. We distributed the food items in everyone’s bags evenly, packed our bags finally before starting to walk. We had to first assemble near a temple in Rumsu which required us to climb 60-70 odd stairs which normally you won’t even give a thought about but with a load of 10-12 Kgs on our back, it gave us some idea of what was coming ahead of us. At the temple, the guide offered his prayers and ‘dhoop’ to the almighty. He told me that he does it every time he starts a trek. I don’t know why but that gave me some feeling of security and protection too. He shouted -“Bolo har har Mahadev”, which we repeated with enthusiasm and the trek started.The first part of the trek was through dense forests. For the initial half an hour or so, all of us found it a little difficult to walk. With 12 Kg bags on our backs and steep slopes we weren’t really appearing to be positive about the walk ahead. But as our blood grew hotter, we slowly started getting used to the weight and the walk. We found a leaked pipe of water supply somewhere on our way, drank chilled water and refilled our bottles before continuing further. There were different paths at few junctions and one of the guides was showing us the way. After some more altitude gain, the Beas valley could be seen. We took a halt at a plane area surrounded by small peaks. There was a tea point there and locals were also there with their cattle. We relaxed for 20 minutes, had snickers and started walking again. Since it was getting dark, Ramesh suggested us to not to move to Naya Tapru that day and camp at a place, half an hour before it. We walked through more dense forests, saw small falls and water streams on our way before reaching the camp site.

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