Dawakun Desert
Tielimu Country, Yopurga County 844400
Ye'erqianghan Mausoleum
North of Aledundeerwazi, Shache County 844700
Malana E'shiding Tomb
Between the New and Old Town, Kuqa County 842000
DaoLang ShangYe BuXingJie
Yingmaili Road, Makit County
ShaChe DiYiJie
Shache Town, Shache County

Exotic. Mysterious. A pulsating maze of colors, sights and smells, more Middle Eastern than Chinese. How do you begin to describe this mesmerizing 3000 year old oasis and trading mecca along the Silk Road?? An ethnic blend of Uyghurs, Tajiks, Kyrgyz, Uzbeks, and Han Chinese, some things in the Old Town of Kashgar haven’t changed since medieval times. Every narrow lane beckons you to explore the bazaars full of shimmering silk, knives, jewelry and carpets all moving to the rhythmic beat of metalworkers, cobblers, and weavers producing quality wares by hand; trades passed from generation to generation.

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