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It took us a long time to hitch a ride on the Mumbai Bangalore highway at that time of the night. A cab driver agreed to drop us to Surur Phata from where we needed to take the right turn to Panchgani/Mahabaleshwar. It was middle of the night already and it was raining and chilly .While waiting under the huge banyan tree, the wait for another ride ,the exhausted bodies were on the verge of collapsing and sleeping under the tree itself but as luck would have it , another guy came who was looking for a ride to Panchgani. Then another old couple came and was looking for a ride too ! Suddenly it was a competition as to who would be able to stop a car or a bike or a truck and get in it first .No cars or taxis stopped by after seeing so many people, though it was irritating at first but the humor got to us and we were laughing like idiots seeing the situation we were in .A truck took a turn from the highway and was coming towards us. Suddenly everybody as if in unity, put out their hands and were hoping that the driver would at least stop and listen. Miraculously he did stop!Wai

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