21st Oct 2019
Day 1

I do research throught google and learn about there best places and thing to do there. So, If possible then I will go ther and do thing and visit the nest places that i researched through google. Here is the list..that i love about macao.

1-Sky jumping from macao tower- i love to do😍

2-senado quare- it is a best for shopping, eating and celebration.

3-black sand bay- the black sand bay a unique appearance, it is amongst the top amazing places of this country.

4-Macao panda pavilion- the panda pavilion is actually a state of the art facility designed by best ecological minds to mimic natur. And i Love panda❤

5-wishing crystal at Galaxy Macao- Amongst the popular attractions of macao, atrusted name is the Galaxy Resort.

6-The Amazing KUN lam Statue- like some deity showering blessings, the beautiful kun lam statue stands on an artificial island in the ocean.

7-portuguese exploration in macao- macao being formerly ruled by the portuguese sports a delightful mix of this colonial culture which cannot go unnotices whenever one talks about this land.

8-Macanese Cuisine- it's the macenese cuisine which is a mouthwatering blend of southern chinese and portuguese cuisines.

9-Museum- Macao has a fair share of museum as well. The very first goes with a highly conventional name i.e, the museum of macao.

10-Bridges of macao- connecting the peninsula of macao with that of the taipa island are three long bridges, which not only serve as connecting links, but point of tourist attractions as well.

11-exploring the ruins of st. Pauls at night- the 17th century jesuit church looks beautiful during the day but is a sight to behold at night. However, make sure to visit the ruins during the daytime as well to explore the museum.

12-watching the house of dancing water- the house of dancing water is a must see extravaganza.

13-visit the famous guia hill- guia fortress is another well-known tourist attraction in macao

14-pauly homage to matzu at A-ma temple- atoist temple built in the late 1400s, making it the oldest taoist temple in the whole of macao.

15-visit the casa da mandarim (mandarin's house)- the madarin's house is a direct link between modern day macao and its humble, historical beginnings.

16-visit the fisherman Wharf- macao's fisherman's wharf is an iconic attraction.

17- go on a photography run at night- when the sky turns dark and macao lights up, the city is a beautiful symphony of lights perfect for a night photography tour.

18-cotai strip- this stretch of land is what makes macao the gambling capital of world.

19-casa garden- casa garden is one of the oldest building in macao and was built in 1770 so it is a great place to start a journey.

20-Lou Kau Mansion- one of the most interesting things to do in macao is exploring the few of the heritage mansions that are open to the public. Lou kau mansion is one of them and it was one of the places to see in macao.