Go on a Macanese food adventure @ Taipa Village

And last but not least, how could I forget the glorious street food of Macau? In fact I think they deserve an article of their own but we’ll see. A good place to hunt for the most authentic and delicious street food, in my opinion, is Taipa Village. Well, it’s not technically a village anymore but it is still more dated than the area around Senado Square for example.


International Fireworks Display Contest

The annual Macau International Fireworks Display Contest usually takes place on several Saturdays every September, on Mid-Autumn Festival and on China’s National Day on 1st October


Furry Fun @ Seac Pai Van Park

I suppose one of the downsides of being so close to a metropolis like Hong Kong is that some attractions get easily overshadowed by the more famous ones from across the Pearl River Delta. Many people know about the giant pandas in Hong Kong’s Ocean Park but few realise that Macau also houses a pair of those cuddly, but sadly endangered species.


Tricycle rickshaw

Take an old-fashioned spin around the quaint streets of historic Macau or the waterfront areas of Nam Van and Sai Van lakes on a tricycle rickshaw.


Handover Gifts Museum of Macao

See the Museum of Handover Gifts in Macau


Macanese home

Considered one of Macau's best renovation projects, Gallery G32 is a narrow tenement building restored to look like a Macanese home from the 1960s complete with green floral wallpaper, low-hanging lamps and wicker furniture.


Senado Square

There are few places like this; the bright colonial buildings are gorgeous and make you think you are in Madrid or Lisbon, but the exquisite Chinese signs and temples blend seamlessly and create a rare multicultural environment.


Movie magic

Forget James Bonds’ trip to Macau in Skyfall, which was all shot in a studio in England, for a real-life movie experience head to Rua de Felicidade, where part of Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom was filmed.


The Mandarin’s House

The Mandarin’s House is a massive private residence that was built around 1869 for a wealthy Chinese merchant family. It gives a glimpse at what life was like for a prosperous family during the late 19th century in China, and it is an extraordinarily large home, containing over 60 rooms and covering approximately 4000 square meters. Admission is free.


Dom Pedro V Theater

One of the earliest European-style theaters built in Asia where plays and musicals were performed.


Macau Tower Skywalk

Home to the World's Highest Bungy - 233m. Walk on the wide side with Skywalk, drop off the edge with Skyjump, or take on the World's Highest Urban Tower Climb - 338m


Visit the Playboy Bunnies

After escaping their hutch at Hugh Heffner’s mansion, the Playboy Bunnies have made it to Asia and the Venetian Macao. The Bellini Lounge doubles as the Playboy club and offers rocket fuelled cocktails, a live house band and a string of live events.


Lord Stow’s Café

Every bit as cool as it sounds, Lord Stow’s Café preserves the memory of a famous English baker in an apt way – dishing the delicacies he relished.


Soak Up Local Culture in Coloane

Looking for some peace and quiet, and a bite of culture to boot? Skip all the bustle of downtown Macau and the Cotai Strip, and head instead down to Coloane.


Hong Kong in a Day

It’s only a 40-minute ferry ride away, so you can tick off several sights in a few hours.


A place like nowhere else

Macau is far smaller and less populated than its neighbour, with a different history and heritage from any other country.


Hac Sa Beach

Hac Sa Beach - which translates as "Black Sand Bay" is Macau's largest natural beach. It's on the southeast side of Coloane Island. The beach is a kilometer long and famous for its black sand. It gets its unique color from minerals in the seabed that are washed ashore.


Go fishing along the pristine Pacific coast. You can cast your lines on the beach or join a fishing tour that will take you far on the ocean for deep sea fishing.


Walk along the Old City Walls of Macau, which were built during the 16th and 17th centuries to protect Macau.


Barra Square

Usually it is just a spot for tourists to relax. However, there are occasionally performances, such as lion dances, during special occasions and holidays at the square. The square is where you can have a view of the sea, a picnic or just relax.