1.Spending A Night At The Venetian

The seventh largest building in the world, The Venetian Macau is a luxury hotel and casino resort, which is hard to miss for travellers. The hotel architecture replicates the famous canals and architectural icons in Venice, and staying a night at The Venetian is amongst the most sought after experiences of a Macau city tour.

2. Adventure Sports At Macau Tower

This convention and entertainment centre is an important part of the Macau city tour. The towering skyscraper offers a hypnotic view of the Macau skyline and is a must visit for all tourists. One of the best experiences in Macau includes bungee jumping, skywalk, tower climb, and ski jump from Macau Tower.

3. Spending An Evening At Casa Do Mandarim

Mandarins House is a must-visit place for those who love cultural heritage and rediscover the historical origin of a place. What makes Casa Do Mandarim special is that it is a direct link between modern-day Macau and its historical beginnings. The place is now a free museum which exhibits the history of Macau.

4. Ride for Free on the Macau Shuttle Buses

In Macao the transport is free. Yes! Most hotels and casinos offer a free shuttle bus service between most tourist attractions. This is because most hotel chains have an association with major Casinos in Macao. And if you are thinking you would need to stay in these hotels to avail these services then you are wrong. Anyone can use these services for free.

5. Kun Iam: The Temple of the Goddess of Mercy

Dedicated to the goddess of mercy, the temple was built in 1627. You will be able to see three statues of Buddha that represents the Past, Present, and Future. This place is also rich with history as the first ever treaty between the US and China was signed here. You can also enjoy a garden with its Tree of the Loving Couples.1. Macau Tower

6.Experience the thrill of jumping from a height which also holds a record in the Guinness book. Over here, you can experience the adventure of bungee jump from 233m, 764 feet. Apart from this, you can enjoy the panoramic views of the city. There is also a 360°Café which is the highest revolving restaurant of Macao.

7. Macau Giant Panda Pavilion

If you are not visiting the Panda Land, then you are not experiencing Macao completely. Over here you can spot two giant pandas, namely – Kai Kai and Xin Xin. There are now two more pandas Dabao and Xiaobao which were given birth by Kai Kai and Xin Xin.

8. Mount Fortress & Macau Museum

This fort dates back to 1617 to 1626 due to which you will be able to understand the history of Macao even better. Apart from this you can also enjoy the city’s skyline and a beautiful garden. You can also enjoy the exhibitions which explain Macao as a city even better by showcasing the mix of culture and people.

9. Foodie Tour at Taipa Village

If you want to experience a relaxed day which I usually pick on my travel days, then Taipa Village is for you. Macao is a fusion of Chinese and Portuguese cultures and in this village you will experience and understand just that.

10.A-Ma Temple - This beautiful Chinese shrine dedicated to the sea goddess Mazu is one of the oldest temples in Macao. In fact, it is perhaps the inspiration for the name “Macao”. The sprawling structure spread in various sections is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

11. Ruins of St. Paul’s

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a 17th century Portuguese church serve as a landmark to Macao. The intricately carved remnants of the stone facade still testify for the beauty of this structure. They have now been fortified with modern concrete and steel in a way that does not affect its original character.

12. Old City Walls

The Portuguese built a wall to protect Macao in the 16th and 17th century. The wall was a unique construction made with a mixture of sand, rocks, rice straw, oyster shells and clay. With the passage of time, the wall collapsed but the remnant Sections of the Old City Walls have been declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

13. Church of St. Joseph

The St. Joseph’s Church is one of the finest instances of baroque architecture in Asia. This 18th century church was the hub of missionary activities in Japan, China and surrounding locations. We love old architecture and this mausoleum struck us with awe.

14. Guia Fortress

Guia Fortress, a Portuguese fort built in the 17th century is located at supposedly the highest point of Macao. It houses a chapel and lighthouse and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We went in the evening and got a beautiful view of Macao City from this place.

15. Macao Giant Panda Pavilion

We wanted some variety from Macao’s heritage tour and the Macao Giant Panda Pavilion in the Macao Zoo provided a welcome relief. This nature park houses a host of animals and is great tourist option for the young and the young at heart.

16. Macao Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre

The Macao Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre, commonly called Macao Tower, is a beautiful example of modern architecture. We walked on the observation deck around the outer rim and passed by impressive restaurants and theatres. The tower is popular for bungee jumping activities and we loved the view from here.

17. Watching The House Of Dancing Water

The House of Dancing Water is a must see extravaganza. And for the rest, it is an experience of a lifetime. Among the astounding Macau shows, this artistic display is staged in the Dancing Water Theatre and uses dazzling costumes, special effects, captivating acts, and approximately 3.7 million gallons of water to narrate an epic love story.

18. Visiting The Umpteen Museums

Offering an insight into the rich traditions and customs of Macau, the spellbinding museums are often ignored by travellers who mostly know of the city because of its casinos. Among the indispensable and most fun things to do in Macau is visiting the umpteen museums.

19. Casino Hopping

Also called the Vegas of the East, casino hopping is among the top 16 things to do in Macau. Begin your night at The Venetian, after which you can head to City of Dreams Macau, The Sands Macau, or The Grand Lisboa. Enjoy live bands, free drinks, and be prepared to try your luck to make a fortune.

20. Sampling The Local Cuisine

A paradise for foodies, the Macanese cuisine is a blend of southern Chinese and Portuguese cuisines. One can also see other Southeast Asian influences. Egg tarts, Salt fish cakes, Almond cakes, Dim sum, Macanese-style prawns, Shrimp roe noodles, and Black garlic chocolate are signature dishes that are a must try and should be a part of your list of things to do in Macau.