#20thingsiloveaboutmacao #IIML


1. Multitudes of exhibitions over the city like drama, move, lights and sound show, water show and so on

2. Experience the thrill of Bungee Jumping at Macau Tower

3. The nourishment is slobber commendable

4. The night markerts are amazing

5. You can see the delightfully adorable pandas at Seac Pai Van Wildlife Park

6. Bounce between extreme club - it's appropriately called the Vegas of East

7. Have a Venetian shopping experience, with gondola rides and streaming water

8. So close to hong kong

9. Go for a night walk at Senado Square

10. Take thoroughly enjoy the excellent remnants of St. Paul and Mount Fortress

11. Experience Taoism at A-Ma sanctuary

12. Experiencing two most indegenious cultures

13. The nearness of numerous exhibition halls in the city

14. The urban parks of Macau are a significant sight

15. The delightful excellent sea shore of Hac Sa

16. The nearness of such huge numbers of photography places, which makes it any picture takers dream

17. The nourishment advertise at Taipa Village

18. The way that Hong Kong is just 62 km away

19. See wonderful blossoms at Macau Lotus Flower Festival

20. What's more, the best thing, the passes to Macau aren't excessively valued, which makes it the ideal multi day escape from India.