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Explore The Monuments

Spend a day in Macau hunting the monuments. You will find no less than 20 monuments which add to the historic importance of the city. There are various places, parks, monuments which make up the Historic Centre of Macau.


Sampling The Local Cuisine

A paradise for foodies, the Macanese cuisine is a blend of southern Chinese and Portuguese cuisines. One can also see other Southeast Asian influences. Egg tarts, Salt fish cakes, Almond cakes, Dim sum, Macanese-style prawns, Shrimp roe noodles, and Black garlic chocolate are signature dishes that are a must try and should be a part of your list of things to do in Macau.


Levitating diamond

A giant "diamond" merges from the Galaxy Macau's lobby fountain with flashing colored spotlights.


Sir Robert Ho Tung Library

The Sir Robert Ho Tung Library is a public library in Macau, China. It is located in St. Augustine’s Square in the Historic Centre of Macau, a UNESCO world heritage site.


St. Dominic's Square

Historic baroque Catholic church, dating to the late 16th century, with a sacred-art museum.


Macau Wine Museum

Set in the same building as the Grand Prix Museum, Macau’s wine museum is Asia's first museum devoted to wine. Reminiscent of a cellar, it offers a snappy history of winemaking, opening with the lovely liquid’s discovery by Egyptians and Phoenicians, then charting its spread from Greece across Europe and beyond.


Kun Iam Temple (Goddess of Mercy temple)

Macau’s Goddess of Mercy temple was originally founded in the 13th century. Its latest incarnation, which features rooftop porcelain figurines, dates back to 1627.


Bigger than Vegas

Las Vegas has its Strip but Macau boasts the Cotai Strip. This area of reclaimed land connecting the "islands" of Taipa and Coloane is home to a sprawl of mega-casino hotels.


Miramar Restaurant

On the eastern side of Coloane is the black-sand Hac Sa Beach - home of the ultra-romantic Miramar Restaurant that serves Portuguese and Macanese cuisine.


Go bowling at the Macau East Asian Games Dome in Cotai, which is a state-of-the-art sports facility that bowlers will be very impressed with.

11-Dance with a fountain

Fountain at Wynn Macau

While the Wynn Palace in Cotai has a performing lake with a cable car, the Wynn in Old Macau has a performing lake that dances to the sound of music with lights and even flames to go with it, and is great fun.

12-Take a free cable car ride above a performing lake

The Wynn Palace in Cotai is equally as golden as the original Wynn in Old Macau and it even has a Skycab cable car that you can ride for free as many times as you like and which takes guests from the ground level by the lake to the entrance in the first floor flying above the water

13-Explore amazing floral displays

These are so gorgeous and so perfect that I did not realise they were fresh flowers. Look out for the ferris wheel as well as for the carousel, both of which are magical.

14-Hác Sá Beach

Hac Sa Beach in Macao

Hác Sá Beach (Black Sand) is Macau’s most popular beach. The sand is blackish in colour which makes it less appealing, but it is actually quite clean. Summer months see lifeguards on duty and you can rent parasols for MOP$60 a day with a deposit.

15-The House of Dancing Water Show

This incredible show in The City of Dreams was created by Cirque du Soleil extraordinaire Franco Dragone and takes place on a stage that goes from dry to completely underwater, with high dives, acrobats, swimming, gymnastics and theater. 16-Go up the Eiffel Tower

16-The Parisian Eiffel Tower Macau

The Parisian is a major tourist spot in Macau. It is decorated and designed like the Versailles Palace, complete with performers dancing about in the hotel’s various halls and corridors, a dancing fountain, perfectly French bakeries and cafes and, of course, a replica of the Eiffel Tower you can go up to.

17-Taipa Village

Taipa Village

If you are in Macau, take half a couple of hours to visit this picturesque part of the city. Taipa Village is not a man-made entertainment hub but rather a tourism concept aimed at promoting visitors to this heritage part of Macau that is otherwise only associated with Cotai’s gambling reputation.

18-Taipa Houses-Museum

The green pastel-coloured villas from the 1920s called Taipa House Museum were the summer residences of wealthy locals and are considered living museums showcasing the famous trades of the time

19-See the Diamond show

The Fortune Diamond show at the Galaxy Hotel is a stunning display of music and lights at the Diamond Lobby inside the Galaxy hotel that happens every 20min. The Fortune Diamond is a large piece measuring 3m that sinks into a fountain for the show.

20-Cheoc Van Swimming Pool

One of Macau’s best-kept secrets. With an entrance fee of only 20MOP, Cheoc Van swimming pool is a large public pool near the sea.

Take a swim , feel fresh, boost up your journey ahead!