Maldives Tour Guide For Beginners

25th Nov 2020

We all love to roam around the world, visiting new places, enjoying sunsets, trekking mountains, jungles, doing activities and whatnot. Credit goes to corona all these wishes are buried somewhere in our hearts and trying to pop out as soon as Covid 19 gets under control. But we have to adjust ourselves with the so-called "new normal", air bubbles, social distancing and corona tests.

If you are looking to the Maldives in these times, this blog can help you to understand what are the current requirements, protocols and standard operating procedures.

Maldives November 2020

We will cover the following topics

COVID Guidelines

RT PCR Test Booking

Flights Booking

Hotel/Resort Booking


Water Sports Activities Equipment


Anniversary/Honeymoon Special

Travel Insurance

Food and Drinks

COVID Guidelines

Tough times require tough measures to make things safe for yourself and others. Before planning your tour just keep in mind you have to be extra cautious with the guidelines of both countries (India and Maldives in our case).

Following links will help you

Keep a check on RT PCR requirements in the above links, because you need show Negative RT PCR report while entering India and Maldives. Both countries have a different set of rules and test validity period.

Self-declaration form of your health is mandatory in both countries. Links for them are given below

Hack: If possible go for RT PCR test in India itself because In Maldives you will be charged $100-200 per test, whereas in India prices are slashed to INR 800-2400. While entering the Maldives you can show Negative reports from India with a report validity of 96 hours. And after you come back to India you can get yourself tested at major international Airports. You can also apply for exemptions. For more details and queries please comment below.

You have to book the test from approved Government and Private Labs. You can search for LIST OF COVID-19 TESTING LABS here. You will get you reports in 24-48 hours.

The Maldives require you to show Negative RT PCR report for which sample collection time must not be greater than 96 hours. So you can plan your test 3 days 72 hours prior to your landing time in the Maldives.

Hack: Go for private labs, you will find less crowd, home sample collection and a more safe environment.

Book your flights beforehand, keep corona situation in mind. Try to book tickets that can be rescheduled and refundable. Search from Cheapflights and book the tickets at best rates.

Hack: Keep in mind that aerial views of the Indian Ocean and Maldives are very beautiful so a window seat in the flight is advisable.

Each and every resort has some specialities and various types of rooms like beach villa, sunset villa, garden villa, water villa, spa villa. All of them have different rates. Choose according to your requirement and budget.

Hack: Maldives is famous for its beautiful sea and sunset so choose a room which has a combination of both like "Sunset water villa"

Water Sports Activities and Equipment

It is advisable that you should do the shopping for all the necessary things sun hat, sunglasses, sunscreens, sarongs, beach clothes from India Itself. Because you have to spend a lot (30-50 X) on these in the Maldives if you forget to buy.

Maldives is famous for water sports activities like Snorkelling, Scuba Diving, Kayaking, Jet Skiing etc. You should buy basic swimming equipment, snorkelling equipment, beach footwear from decathlon, buying this stuff in the Maldives will cost you a fortune. Basic equipment like snorkelling kit, eye mask, fins can be provided by some resorts but you have to give a swimming test.

Hack: Try to book water sports activity in your resort package.

Anniversary/Honeymoon Special

UV Index in the Maldives can reach 10, which is very dangerous for bare skin, so you should apply sunscreen every time you go out in the sun. Be more cautious while buying the sunscreen, choose SPF 30-40 that can protect you from serious tan and sunburn. Also, be more responsible for the mother nature, try to buy reef-safe sunscreen which does not include oxybenzone and octinoxate.

Almost all the resorts provide special amenities or complimentary gifts like a fruit basket, champagne, bed decoration, special dinner at the beach. So contact the travel agent/ resort in advance and ask for the same. You might need to show your marriage card or some other proof at the resort itself.

It is one of the most underrated insurance, but it has very nice cover options. Everyone should opt for this. You can compare and but travel insurance here

Try to include full-day meal into your package, otherwise, the food will be very costly. You should try various food option in the Maldives. Drinks/beverages are very costly so choose your plan accordingly.

Hope these pointers will help you to manage your trip in a good manner.