Solo Trip to Macau: The Home to Entertainment and Nightlife

25th Dec 2019
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For people that have been living in rural areas like me, it may be boring and dull after a while. Taking a trip to a well-developed city with heaps of entertainment is the right solution to that problem. To some tourists, they travel to Macau to see the part of the town colonialized by Portugal. But to a majority of other tourists, they are in Macau to enjoy some grandeur gambling experience. Not only gambling, but there are also performances, theaters, and broadway shows. You might even call it the Vegas of Asia.

My trip to this beautiful city is to experience and visit both the old town and city life.

It is best during day time to sightsee and gaze over the beautiful buildings built during the 1949s. With the warm sun glazing over my skin, it was the perfect day to explore the old town of Macau. But there is no traveling without trying some of its local cuisines. And along the roads of the old town road, they are giving free samples to a local heritage snack. This snack famous snack is known as peanut candy. They are a mixture of caramel and hand smashed nuts that make the best snack for exploration. There are at least a few dozen shops along the road. And you can always get a free sample in every one of them.

The buildings itself seemed modernized, but its exteriors are preserved for history. Each shop takes space inside one of these old townhouses. The details of each building are also well managed by the government. They are well taken care of because millions of tourists pass by each year. All the buildings are still being painted and that you could almost see the authentic cracks on the wall.

Photo of old town vintage, Rua de Manuel de Arriaga, Macao by dennismitchel27
Day 2
Photo of Largo do Senado, Macao by dennismitchel27

After finally reaching the end of the road, I was mind blown with the structure that was standing in front of me. It was a church that got burned down during Portugal’s colonialization. But surprisingly, the front of the church still stands and exists. It is now considered one of the leading destinations of travelers when they come and visit Macau. After a long day of climbing up the hill and then walking back down, it was time for a short rest again at the hotel.

After a quick nap, it was time to be adventurous again. At night, the city comes to life, and there are so many things to enjoy. I wanted to spend my night trying local cuisines and some top-rated local restaurants. It is quite hard to find local restaurants nowadays since the city has undergone through quite the modernization.

When I found finally found Macau’s traditional cuisines, my taste buds comes alive. Macau’s traditional cuisines are a must-try when you go and visit Macau. This is because Macanese cuisine consists of a southeast Asian and Portugal fusion to it. Macanese cuisine is similar to Cantonese food, or the food you can find in Hongkong. From noodles, dumplings, to stir-fried goodies. I had my first slurp at a heartwarming noodle with chicken broth. And to be honest, it is something to die for.

I end the night by visiting a few street markets and do a little bit of shopping. Clothes can also be found along with the street market. Today might be all about the old town, but tomorrow is all about city life and some luxury that everyone needs.

It is a brand new day, and luckily the sun is as golden as ever. I had my buffet breakfast at a hotel in midtown. After having breakfast, it was only right if I get to do some shopping again, but this time it will be high end. So I took a cab and head to the famous Largo do Senado. Just as the name says, well, this place is another piece of history to Macau. It is a land that was colonialized by the Portuguese.

This place is similar to the old town I visited earlier. The difference is that this place sells all the branded stuff that can be found all around the globe. After a few shopping, it was time to fill this empty stomach again. I had lunch at a cafe somewhere in Largo do Senado. They served excellent native Portuguese cuisines, and it is not as expensive as you might even think. A plate of steak would cost around $25, which is an okay price point for its taste.

Photo of Solo Trip to Macau: The Home to Entertainment and Nightlife by dennismitchel27

The sun begins to set, and the lights turn brighter. It was time for the Galaxy Macau to come alive. When it comes to casinos, there are many choices, to begin with—starting from online casinos to mega casino resorts. Galaxy Macau is one of the best casino resorts out there. It has its 5-star hotel and a massive swimming pool for people to refresh at. It does not matter whether you want to gamble or not; there is so much more to do than gamble in the Galaxy.

The view and scenery itself are similar to Portugal and any other European country. They are filled with high rises and luxurious interior designs. If you do choose to gamble, there are endless choices to choose from. From lotteries, card games, poker, slot machines, and much more.

Close to Galaxy Macau is a place called the Venetian. It is one of the best photo shootings spots in all of Macau. From marble to palm trees, this is a place for the riches to chill. There is just too much land to cover in one night. So I decided to enter the casino where they offered me welcome drinks and free condiments as I enjoy the night playing a few games of poker. Galaxy Macau does not close down, not even after midnight. And the surprising part is that they also offer free shuttle buses to where you live. So if you prefer cheaper options, definitely get a hotel outside of the Galaxy resort.