Jayanti: The Queen of Dooars

7th May 2023
Photo of Jayanti: The Queen of Dooars by Sahil Ray
Day 1

Dooars in West Bengal is a paradise for nature lovers. An extensive stretch of land on the foothills of the Himalayas, drained by rivers, it's home to countless flora and fauna.

Forests have their own charm. A serene air coupled with mystery. And when you have gurgling streams flowing through the woods and mesmerising hills in the background, what more do you need?

Jayanti is the queen of Dooars for a reason. Named after the Jayanti River that flows through the Buxa Tiger Reserve , it's a picturesque village. The kind you see in dreams.

Hiking along the river bed, trekking on the hills, or going on a jungle safari - everything would be an experience of a lifetime. Or you  can just sit by the river bed, watching the sun set over the hills. Minutes will easily turn into hours.

How to reach?

The nearest Railway station is Alipurduar Junction. It's an hour's drive from there. You'll easily get cabs.

The nearest airport is Bagdogra. It's around 200 Kms from Jayabti and will take 4-5 hours.

Where to stay?

There's an abundance of homestays. You'll get a taste of the local culture.

The Mohonchura homestay offers a splendid view of rhe riverbed and hills.

You can also book the PWD or government resthouse.

Things to do

1. Go for a Jungle Safari

How about exploring the forests in an open jeep?

You'll get a tour of the core areas of the Buxa Tiger Reserve. Get awestruck by the tall trees of the dense forests and enjoy the thrill.

You can also spot a group of majestic elephants or barking deer. Don't expect tigers to greet you though.

PS The eerie silence of the forest and the chirping of unknown birds and crickets will leave you craving more.

2. Trek to Chhota Mahakaal

Travel over the river  bed and go for a mini trek along the hills. You'll get mesmerised by the streams and the stalactites and stalagmites ( various rock formations due to the action of water)

3.  Visit the Pokhari Lake

It's 6 Kms from Jayanti. Don't miss it if you want the breathtaking view.

4. Enjoy the sunrise and sunset by the river

Just sir there with your friends, family, or by yourself. All your worries will vanish within moments.

A 3 day trip would cost around  8000 INR per person inclusive of everything.

Plan your next trip to the queen of Dooars and get ready for an enchanting experience.

On the Jayanti River bed

Photo of Jayanti by Sahil Ray

At the foothills ( before the Chhota Mahakal trek)

Photo of Jayanti by Sahil Ray

A small hilly stream

Photo of Jayanti by Sahil Ray