My experience of working from the hills at Hipostel!

25th Jul 2021
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Workcations- the new trend which everyone is talking about. In the past travel was a recreational activity to get escaped from the office life. Nowadays because of the covid 19 people are often working from their home. The office has been shifted from a concrete building to cozy beds. People are in love with this new trend and they can be seen working from their gardens, kitchen, washrooms and what not?

We all love travel right? There is a hidden explorer within everyone of us who wants to travel the world. Due to upgradation of internet connectivity in the mountains people are now a days shifting to the mountains and working from there. This has changed the mindset of the people that if they can work from their home then they can also work from the mountains. The change has also impacted the travel and tourism industry. Nowadays many travel agencies, hotels, hostels have started workation packages at pocket friendly prices. They are providing every single detail one needs if they are working from their place. The workstation packages are mostly for those who are seeking for long stays. It is nicely said that go with the flow and the tourism sector has grabbed this golden opportunity with an open hands. This has also improved rural tourism as because there are many travelers who wants to stay at a isolated location in a village to just work and chill.

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There are many places in the mountains that are offering special packages to work from there such as manali, jibhi, shimla, kullu, dharamshala, Bir billing, etc. But if you are looking for place where you can work and chill together then you must try hipostel in bir billing.

Imagine waking up to a view with the sky full of paragliders, birds chirping, the nature relaxing your mind, calming you down and just peace everywhere. Hipostel is the place where you can not only work but you can also enjoy every single detail in your surroundings. The sitting for made up of recycled items, the cozy common room, an aesthetic cafe, and the best ever hammock is the ultimate workspace one can demand for.

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People coming from different backgrounds, different cities connecting with each other through a common purpose known as workations. I think this is the best form of learning one's cultures and values just by sitting at one place. Hipostel literally means hippie plus hostel. The theme of the hostel that is hippiness is fully justified with the property's appearance. The hostel is too vibrant, funky, colourful and appealing. In monsoons the entire campus is covered by lush green plants. You can enjoy working day night amidst the nature. Now you would be guessing whether it would be too expensive to live in the mountains with such a view where you can enjoy every single second of your day? So, its my duty to tell you that it is not. Hipostel offers workations packages at pocket friendly prices so that you don't burn a hole in your pocket. On an average the dormitory beds for a whole month will cost you around 6000 bucks.

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The hospitality will simply amaze you. In such low prices you can enjoy high speed internet connectivity with the view of the mountains. They also have a cafe which will satisfy your hunger. Imagine working at such a place with a hot coffee, sandwiches and laptop in your front. Dream workspace isnt it? They do have private rooms for couples as well as for those who needs privacy. Besides this they also have beautiful hanging camps where two persons can easily accommodate. So what are you waiting for, get on your luggage and move to Hipostel as early as possible.