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A Beginners Guide To Creating Travel Content: Blogs, Vlogs, Reels And More
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The travel industry has evolved tremendously over the last decade. This boom has led to numerous job opportunities and a nomadic lifestyle with financial security that didn’t exist before. If you are a travel enthusiast and dream of an office bigger than a cubicle, then this course is the right stepping stone for you. 

At the end of the course, you will be able to:
– Start travel writing professionally for publications
– Learn how to pitch your writing
– Understanding other income generation avenues
– Start vlogging and exploring other forms of visual content
– Set-up your Youtube channel and learn how to promote it
– Understand the basics of the Instagram algorithm
– Shoot, edit and publish reels to grow your profile

What will you receive:

You will receive four different courses introducing you to the topics below. The course has been structured to offer you the maximum knowledge from each section, please watch it accordingly.

Course Overview

Section 1:
How to start travel writing
Taught by Pallavi Pasricha

Here's what you will learn

  • Getting started
    – Understanding different formats of travel writing
    – Choosing to be a freelancer
    – Freelance writing vs working for a travel media company
    – Understanding pros and cons

  • Pitching your work
    – Learning the art of pitching
    – Pitching stories when you don’t have previous writings
    – Exploring examples of successful pitches

  • Writing for media publications
    – Researching about publications that suit you
    – Finding the right contacts
    – Approaching publications
  • Building a financial foundation
    – Charging the right amount for your work
    – Understanding other income generation avenues

Section 2:

How to start vlogging and exploring other content mediums
Taught by Shashwat Joshi

Here is what you will learn

  • Introduction to travel vlogs
    – Differentiating between Short Form and Long Form content
    – Understanding the hook in travel vlogs
    – Taking the first step towards travel vlogging
  • How to structure travel vlogs
    – Exploring lengths of a vlog
    – Analysing the anatomy of a vlog
    – Learning how to use filters and B-rolls
    – Understanding the importance of cards, CTA and end screen
    – Learning how to use music and design
    – Placing sponsored content 
  • How to hook your audience
    – Generating relatability in the viewer
    – Identifying value proposition
    – Keep the audience engaged
    – Understanding clickbait content
  • Importance of camera equipment & editing
    – Learning the importance of camera
    – Starting with the basic and growing your equipment inventory
    – Exploring editing software
    – Experimenting with shooting styles 

Section 3:

How to set up your Youtube channel from home
Taught by Lav Vaid

Here's what you will learn

  • Getting started
    – Finding your niche and branding
    – Understanding your audience
    – Exploring basic equipment
  • Content and audience
    – Understanding the importance of relevant content
    – Coming up with new ideas
    – Building a content bank
    – Exploring a content schedule
    – Building a network
  • Budget and time management
  • How to monetize your YouTube channel
    – Understanding YouTube’s algorithm
    – Completing 4000 watch hours quickly
    – Reaching the 1000 subscribers mark quickly
    – Identifying affiliate marketing opportunities
  • Promotion tools for budding YouTubers
    – Google ads
    – Social media
    – Stickers & merchandise
  • Dealing with failure

Section 4:

Understanding Instagram Reels: Shooting, Editing, Publishing & More 
Taught by Mouna Nanaiah

Here is what you will learn

  • Understanding reel creation
    – Identifying different types of reel formats
    – Introducing the art of shooting
    – Creating a content calendar according to your niche
  • Editing
    – Introducing basic editing tools
    – Using colour grading and other techniques
  • Transitions, trends, songs
    – Engaging the audience beyond 10 seconds
    – Exploring the difference between following trends and original content
    – Understanding music selection for your reels
  • Equipment
    – Exploring phone settings for reel creation
    – Understanding additional equipment required
  • Features and tricks
    – Using inbuilt features for reach
    – Introducing useful tips and tricks
    – Understanding insights

Meet your hosts

The course is hosted by a lineup of impressive professionals in the travel industry. 

Pallavi Pasricha

Pallavi is a travel writer who has worked with top media companies such as Lonely Planet, The Times Of India and India Today Travel Plus. She has been on the road for more than 15 years and has explored more than 23 countries.

Lav Vaid

Lav is a full-time journalist and a part-time travel vlogger. Storytelling is a huge part of his work and Mile Chasers is a testament to the fact that anyone can start anytime – all you need is the desire to share. Mile Chasers has grown tremendously in less than a year and Lav is here to share his knowledge with aspiring vloggers. 

Shashvat Joshi

Shashvat is a full-time doctor who realised his passion for travelling. He took it a notch higher and started vlogging his experiences, thus creating a successful YouTube channel. Shashvat has hiked to Everest Base Camp, biked across Ladakh, Spiti, Bhutan and North East. He is a self-taught filmmaker and has captured his journeys from more than 18 countries. 

Mouna Nanaiah

Mouna Nanaiah has been a budget traveller, motorcyclist and vlogger for over a decade. A full-time software engineer, she is currently a part of Tripoto's team as a Forum Moderator. Mouna started off as a blogger and has adapted to the changing dynamics of social media and has transitioned into a vlogger. 


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