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The Instagram Masterclass: Creating Viral Reels And Earning From Instagram While Managing A Job | Mo
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At the end of the course, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify different types of reel formats
  • Understand additional equipment required
  • Learn how you can monetize your Instagram profile
  • Understand how you can work with brands
  • Create and engage with an authentic audience
  • Build yourself as a brand 

Course Overview

Section 1

The Instagram Reels Masterclass: Shooting, Editing, Publishing & More | Mouna Nanaiah

  • Understanding reel creation
    – Finding your niche
    – Identifying different types of reel formats
    – Introducing the art of shooting
    – Creating a content calendar according to your niche
  • Editing
    – Introducing basic editing tools
    – Using colour grading and other techniques
  • Transitions, trends, songs
    – Engaging the audience beyond 10 seconds
    – Exploring the difference between following trends and original content
    – Understanding music selection for your reels
  • Equipment
    – Exploring phone settings for reel creation
    – Understanding additional equipment required
  • Features and tricks
    – Using inbuilt features for reach
    – Introducing useful tips and tricks
    – Understanding insights

Section 2:

How To Earn Money From Instagram While Managing A 9 to 6 Job | Sandhya Majji

  • From personal profile to creator profile
    – Creating a profile that is relevant and valuable
    – Categorising your focus areas
    – Creating a content calendar
    – Understanding design and aesthetics
  • All about content creation
    – Creating content in relevant formats
    – Managing time effectively to stay consistent
    – Planning content around holidays
    – Utilising weekends to the fullest
  • Working with brands
    – Understanding when to start brand collaborations
    – Executing content for brands
    – Planning and organising personal content vs brand content
    – Meeting brand expectations
  • The key is consistency
    – Understanding how you can be consistent according to your schedule
    – Introducing apps that can help with scheduling and posting
    – Building your audience through engagement
    – Interacting with the creator community
  • Learnings from personal journey
    – Maintaining a work-life balance

Meet your hosts:

Mouna Nanaiah

Mouna Nanaiah has been a budget traveller, motorcyclist and vlogger for over a decade. A full-time software engineer, she is currently a part of Tripoto's team as a Forum Moderator. Mouna started off as a blogger and has adapted to the changing dynamics of social media and has transitioned into a vlogger. 

Sandhya Majji

Sandhya AKA Pinkpebble is a project manager and a content creator. She runs an interesting page on Instagram where she talks about travel, home decor and lifestyle and has seen a huge growth in her profile in the last couple of years. Sandhya is a multitasker and is the perfect person to teach aspiring creators how to grow as a creator while managing their job.

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