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How To Start A Decor And Design Studio Without A Degree And Scale It Successfully | The Little Big C
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At the end of the course, you’ll be able to:

  • Start your design studio on a budget
  • Create a portfolio of services 
  • Convert queries seamlessly into paying clients
  • Use social media, influencers & paid marketing effectively
  • Work effortlessly with adsets and ads on the Ads Manager
  • Identify expenses and explore revenue analysis of the business

Course Overview

All of us have a creative streak but how do we use it and convert it into a thriving business? Ayesha Sindhu from the Little Big Co shares her journey of starting an interior design studio without a degree or prior experience while Arushi from Dohful Cookies helps you understand the importance of scaling your business without big risks and using the power of social media to promote your business.

Section 1

How To Start A Decor And Design Studio Without A Degree And On A Tiny Budget

  • How to start
    – Introducing Little Big Co
    – Setting expectations for customers
    – Planning realistic portfolios and timelines
    – Choosing a set of long-term services
    – Expanding the scope of work slowly
  • Setting up the business
    – Choosing a name that is relevant
    – Creating a portfolio that defines your work ethic
    – Using social media for your promotion
    – Collaborating with brands
    – Understanding competition
    – Pricing your products and services
  • Financial planning
    – Converting queries into paying customers
    – Handling prospective clients
    – Creating parallel revenue streams

Section 2:

How to make your home startup a big budget business

  • Starting out
    – Understanding Dohful Cookies’s journey
    – Scaling at every step
    – Creating a value system for the future
  • Ideation
    – Creating or finding your niche
    – Exploring logistics such as supply chain, finance
    – Understanding execution with feasibility
    – Exploring the difference between a one-man army vs hiring a team
  • Execution
    – Getting the first 100 customers
    – Avoiding mistakes that will delay your profit
    – Using social media, influencers & paid marketing effectively
  • Now let’s talk money
    – Starting investments & costs to run a business
    – Identifying expenses and exploring revenue analysis of the business
  • Saying NO to 99% of the ideas
    – Goal-based scalability vs Where life takes us scalability
    – Evolving with the scale you are at
    – Focusing on one thing with 100% commitment 

Section 3:

How to get your first 100 customers with Facebook & Instagram Ads 

  • Is Paid Marketing the right choice for your business?
    – Understanding paid marketing vs organic reach
    – Pros and cons of starting paid marketing
    – Prerequisites to start running ads


  • Facebook Ads Manager
    – Introduction to the platform
    – Sponsored posts vs ads manager
    – Understanding how Facebook ads work
  • Running Ads through the Ads Manager
    – Building creatives with different apps
    – Making campaigns, adsets and ads on the Ads Manager
    – Choosing different kinds of campaigns while running ads
  • Analytics and metrics
    – Understanding metrics on Facebook Ads Manager
    – Tracking metrics while running ads
    – Understanding data points
    – Testing and analyzing results
  • Investment for paid marketing
    – Understanding the spend structure
    – Choosing daily, weekly, monthly budgets for marketing
    – Allotting a budget for different campaigns


Meet your hosts:

Ayesha Sindhu

Ayesha is the founder of The Little Big Co. –  an interior design studio with a very interesting team. The team comprises of an ex-HR executive, an ex-news anchor and an ex-home maker with more than 50 projects under its belt. The team comes without a design degree but an impressive number of clients that they have garnered solely through word-of-mouth marketing and exceptional design sensibilities.

Arushi Sachdeva

Arushi is the founder of Dohful Cookies, a cookie brand that has delighted the whole country with its freshly baked, handcrafted cookies. Arushi is an engineer from Cummins College, Pune and a postgraduate MBA from IMT-Ghaziabad. Dohful was started because Arushi fell in love with the real genuine soft-baked cookies on her honeymoon trip to Europe. 

To re-create the magic she felt back there in Europe, Arushi started experimenting with the cookie recipes in her own kitchen. Today she has a dedicated bakery set up with a 10 people team across kitchen, packaging, customer relations & social media verticals.  


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