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How To Start A Clothing Business From Home And Scale It Successfully | Suta & Dohful Cookies
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At the end of the course, you’ll be able to:

  • Start creating and selling clothes from home
  • Organise a supply chain and a vendor management system
  • Focus on sustainable methods of producing your product 
  • Create a personalised experience for your customers 
  • Execute functions that will maximise profit
  • Work effortlessly with adsets and ads on the Ads Manager
  • Identify expenses and explore revenue analysis of the business

Waiting to start a homegrown clothing business and take it to the next level? Take a moment to answer these four important questions – how do you source the material, find the equipment to start manufacturing, gather the funding and promote the business? Here is a course with all the answers! The course offers valuable insights and solutions to all the tedious challenges that come with starting a fashion business. 

Course Overview

Section 1:

How To Start A Small Clothing Business From Home On A Shoestring Budget

  • The journey and inspiration behind Suta

  • Taking the first step
    – Finding your niche
    – Understanding the clothing market
    – Tackling sourcing challenges
    – Designing products without technical knowledge
    – Learning how to manufacture at a small scale

  • Operations and inventory management
    – Creating a solid backend
    – Organising a smooth supply chain
    – Assembling a team within budget
    – Partnering with reliable delivery partners

  • Creating your brand story
    – Defining your brand story & aesthetics
    – Focusing on sustainable methods of producing your product

  • Taking your business online
    – Starting an e-commerce store on a budget
    – Defining your brand story
    – Creating a personalised experience for your customers

Section 2:

How to make your home startup a big budget business

  • Starting out
    – Understanding Dohful Cookies’s journey
    – Scaling at every step
    – Creating a value system for the future
  • Ideation
    – Creating or finding your niche
    – Exploring logistics such as supply chain, finance
    – Understanding execution with feasibility
    – Exploring the difference between a one-man army vs hiring a team
  • Execution
    – Getting the first 100 customers
    – Avoiding mistakes that will delay your profit
    – Using social media, influencers & paid marketing effectively
  • Now let’s talk money
    – Starting investments & costs to run a business
    – Identifying expenses and exploring revenue analysis of the business
  • Saying NO to 99% of the ideas
    – Goal-based scalability vs Where life takes us scalability
    – Evolving with the scale you are at
    – Focusing on one thing with 100% commitment 

    Section 3:

    How to get your first 100 customers with Facebook & Instagram Ads 

  • Is Paid Marketing the right choice for your business?
    – Understanding paid marketing vs organic reach
    – Pros and cons of starting paid marketing
    – Prerequisites to start running ads
  • Facebook Ads Manager
    – Introduction to the platform
    – Sponsored posts vs ads manager
    – Understanding how Facebook ads work
  • Running Ads through the Ads Manager
    – Building creatives with different apps
    – Making campaigns, adsets and ads on the Ads Manager
    – Choosing different kinds of campaigns while running ads
  • Analytics and metrics
    – Understanding metrics on Facebook Ads Manager
    – Tracking metrics while running ads
    – Understanding data points
    – Testing and analyzing results
  • Investment for paid marketing
    – Understanding the spend structure
    – Choosing daily, weekly, monthly budgets for marketing
    – Allotting a budget for different campaigns

Meet your hosts:

Sujata and Tanya Biswas

Sujata and Taniya are the founders of Suta, a homegrown clothing brand that has charmed shoppers with dreamy designs, handwoven textiles and a price range difficult to ignore. Sujata is an engineer from CET Bhubaneswar and a post graduate from IIFT Delhi. Taniya is an engineer from NIT Rourkela and post graduate from IIM Lucknow. Both of them left their well-paying jobs and forayed into an unknown world with a determination to bring the sari back into style and to empower weavers across the country. Without any prior experience or technical know-how, the sisters tackled challenges of small business owners and successfully scaled their business. Today, Suta is a community of more than 15000 weavers & artisans, who are the lifelines of the brand.

Arushi Sachdeva

Arushi is the founder of Dohful Cookies, a cookie brand that has delighted the whole country with its freshly baked, handcrafted cookies. Arushi is an engineer from Cummins College, Pune and a postgraduate MBA from IMT-Ghaziabad. Dohful was started because Arushi fell in love with the real genuine soft-baked cookies on her honeymoon trip to Europe. 

To re-create the magic she felt back there in Europe, Arushi started experimenting with the cookie recipes in her own kitchen. Today she has a dedicated bakery set up with a 10 people team across kitchen, packaging, customer relations & social media verticals.  


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