Visit Bangkok for night life and shopping, Phuket and Krabi for beautiful beaches and island hopping. If interested in exploring untouched places Chiang Mai is recommended.
2 night KOH SAMUI FULL MOON party choose dates accordingly 3 night Phuket explore bangla street at night during day time go for local sightseeing 1 night phi phi 1 night krabi 1 night Bangkok party hard everywhere shopping is must in Bangkok.
Phuket Krabi phi phi islands Bangkok
Let bangkok.explore u.... just get a cute lil guide and she will sort everything out
2 Nights Bkk 3 Nights Phuket 3 Nights Chiangmai & Chiangrai
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I too have planned for the same.What things can be done in those 3+3+2 in Thailand. Can you explain in detail.
Hi Arvind, You can honestly do so much in 8 days! Spend 2 days in Bangkok, 2 days in Krabi, 2 days in Phuket and 2 days in Koh Phi Phi :) Or else you can spend 2 days in Bangkok, a day in Ayutthaya and 5 days in Chiang Mai :)
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Oh yeah Arvind, in Krabi you can explore Railey beach, there are options for Kayaking, cave explorations. night market and a lot more! In Phi Phi, you can take speedboat to Maya Bay, Koh Lanta, Loh Samah Bay etc.
What can be done in krabi and koh phi phi.can you explain in detail.
Hi Aravind, Thailand is a beautiful country. If you wanna do the islands (which is south). You should do the following- Koh Samui Koh Phangan (full moon party) Koh Tao (diving) Koh Lanta (extremely beautiful). How to reach- You take a flight from Bangkok to Koh Samui. To reach the other islands you go by boat. For an 8 day trip this is more than enough. Also it's a good time to go because Thailand visa is *free on arrival for Indian tourists*.