Being a beach territory of India, here are some offbeat spots Veerampattinam beach Golconda Pondicherry Ousteri lake ride Bharatidasan museum Alamparai fort Here are some things to do in Pondicherry Visiting Rock beach Praying at Sri karaneswara nataraja temple Stopping by Bharathi park Exploring the planaterium Stopping by cafés to taste French coffee Cycling all through the both parts of the town.
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Wow....there's so much to do....thank you so much 🙏🤗🙋
There are few other places in and around Pondicherry that you could visit apart from the usual ones. Will list it out below. 1. Alamparai Fort - This fort is quite famous in the surroundings. It's around 50kms from Pondicherry (Towards Chennai (or) we can say it comes between Chennai and Pondicherry). You can have some leisure time with your friends and family by the Sea Shore. But remember, visit this place somewhere between 8am - 11am and 3pm - 6pm. Alamparai is a paradise for Photographers. To know more about this place you can check my blog on this. 2. Sadras Fort - A similar but quite smaller fort than Alamparai, this Sadras Fort was once used for Trading. There isn't much attraction at this fort but if you ask me one good thing, then it's for Photography purposes and fun with your friends. It's very near to Kalpakkam (Where the nuclear plant is situated). Nothing much to worry as there ain't any radiation affecting us. 3. Marakkanam - A major attraction near Pondicherry. This place is famous for the Second Largest Salt Pan in India. Not only that, we have one particular spot at Marakkanam called Buckingham Canal Viewpoint, where you can witness the Beauty of Buckingham Canal along the ECR. To know more about this spot you can check my article. 4. Chunnambar River - The backwaters at Pondicherry where you can enjoy your ride on the Boats or if you wanna experience the Boathouse it's there for you. 5. Pichavaram Mangrove Forest - If you have enough time to visit across Pondicherry there's a Mangrove Forest which is about 64kms away which is one awesome place to visit.