Rishikesh is a heaven for vegan food lovers. Do visit that place for every vegan things. Because I am a non-veg lover but couldn't find any non-veg food there in any hotel or anywhere you go in Rishikesh, Uttrakhand and when we asked people over there, they told us, you are not going to find any non veg thing here. It's a sacred place of Hindus.
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There are number of places to stay and eat in my city in Ludhiana. if you travelling here lemme know.
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Thanks for replying but I am hoping to create a list of places here on the forum that would be helpful to everyone. It will be great to if you could list your top 3 recommendations may be?
Hi Trisha, It would be better if you could name the place. Maybe then we can advise and share the list of best vegan places.
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Hey Komal. Aiming to create a long list of vegan-friendly places recommended by real people. Can you recommend some places from your own hometown? Or may be somewhere you travelled to recently? Cheers
It would be better if you could name the place.
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Hey, could you name some restaurants in your hometown or some place you've travelled recently?