Eat-periencing Udaipur! 

Photo of Eat-periencing Udaipur! by Moulika Danak

Udaipur, with its mesmerizing lakes, historic museums, royal palaces, vibrant attire, cobbled narrow lanes, cultural vicinity, colorful 'tuktuk', has as much to offer to a tourist as much as to a traveler. Although, the cherry on the cake, in this white city, is the experience of satiating your taste-buds. From buzzing delectable street joints to candle-light open lake-view restaurants, the city has a range of food to be offered in a variety of ways.

Here are some places to cover, for the time you are in this beautiful city:

Palki Khana:

Palki kahan is one place that won't miss your view because City Palace is one place that will definitely be on your checklist. Palki Khana is a small quaint joint inside the city palace. The food is good, liquor is available but you'd enjoy both utmost only because of the view of lake on one side and that of the palace on the other, while you sit between both watching the wind that touched you unfurl the colorful flags on the sides. Enchanted by the view, the taste of your food, be it whatever, would feel royal just because!

Natural View Restaurant

To be in Udaipur and not have a fine dine overlooking the golden shadows on the enchanting lake is a crime. There are many restaurant famous for quite an elevating experience as such but we happened to pick this one and it had beautiful red 'gaddi' seating on the corners just where you can admire the glory of th palace and tranqui;ity of lake Pichola all the with pretty delectable food.

Night eatery-joints at Fateh Sagar lake

Fateh Sagar becomes adds life in the 'night life' of the city. On the pavement by the lake lingers a trail of eatery stalls that serve not only good ol' Rajasthani cuisine but also flavours of neighbouring states and theirv version of international cuisines like pasta, pizza, tacos etc. Savour the local eateries in the buzzing lane, walk up to the lake and have your corn cheese dessert gazing at this beautiful waterbody.

Cafe Satori

Cafe Satori is a colorful bright little place heiiden in the narrow lanes of Chand pole, perfect for hanging out with friends or spending time alone. Apart from offering Vegan options, it is a fun-filled space with a corner for books and indoor games! You can easily spend a couple of hours here without realization of time passing by. It's a good option for a day-in feels on a day-out!

Millets of Mewar

Another one for Vegans, here!

It's a three storey place, the entrance is unique with a blend of hippie feels and artsy decor. The first floor has a boho look to it while the second one has a standard chair-table arrangement. The ambiance is something to look for and the view to Lake Pichola adds to the soulful experience. Plus, it is one of the places where healthy options are all over the menu.

Baapu Bazaar

Between Jagdish Temple and City Palace, is a short distance covered by vibrant hawkers, crowded restaurants and shopkeepers. In this lane, sits a few hawkers selling amazing kachoris, corn chaat and aloo parathas among other roadside delicacies. It is just a right place serving right kind of snacks for the time when your exploring feet have left you for hunger in that side of the town.

Restaurant Gateway

Located on the left a few steps from the City palace, I recommend this place for its 'gaddi-pillow' seating on a terrace overlooking the city's most iconic place and the buzz on the street while they serve you the best of spaghetti, macaroni and pesto roasted sandwich.

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